Your child’s gut health is the foundation of their entire wellbeing!

It’s a BIG claim I know but gut health plays an important role in the absorption of nutrients, elimination of waste, strength of the immune system, mental health and more!

In this video we go into some of the most important considerations when it comes to your childs gut health including

  1. A personal story about how focusing on my 6 year old daughters gut health eliminated her anxiety.
  2. How our gut affects our brain and mental health.
  3. The importance of probiotics in our children’s gut health.
  4. The value of prebiotics in our children’s gut health.
  5.  The role that diet plays in our children’s gut health including foods that improve and foods that damage gut health.
  6. Why foods and probiotics aren’t the whole picture in your child’s gut health and what else we need to consider.


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