Join us for the LIVE round of Natural Super Kids!

It includes:

Access to the Live round of Natural Super Kids starting Monday 1st August

You will receive weekly emails to help you work your way through the program, motivating and encouraging you to implement what you learn in the course.

Access to the Natural Super Kids Facebook community

Facebook has become a wonderful place to find like-minded people and join uplifting communities.

Honestly, the support that you’ll get as a mum in our Facebook group is one of the most valuable parts of this program. Social support is one of the biggest predictors of success, and I’m so happy to be able to pop into this group every week to answer your questions and help you turn your kids into Natural Super Kids.

Access to 3 Bonus masterclasses

Interactive live online workshops with Jessica Donovan for the first 3 weeks of the program to empower you with practical information about some of the most common issues parents face with their kid’s health.

Unfuss your fussy eater

Is your child a picky or fussy eater? Do you struggle to feed your child a varied and nutritious diet? Are you tired of battles at the dinner table every night? Do you wish your child would just eat what you put in front of them?

In this live online workshop you will learn strategies to encourage your children to eat a wider range of foods and end the nightly battles at the dinner table.

Boost and balance your childs immune system

Is your child constantly sick? Are they about to start child care, kindy or school? Are they prone to respiratory infections? Do you want to break the antibiotic after antibiotic chain? Does your child suffer with an immune imbalance condition such as eczema or asthma?

The Boost and balance your childs immune system online workshop will teach you ways to naturally boost and balance your childs immune system.

Dairy and Gluten – should I eliminate or reduce them?

Do you wonder if you should eliminate dairy or gluten from your childs diet?Have you thought about eliminating dairy or gluten but not sure where to start? Interested to know what the fuss about gluten and dairy is?

In this live online workshop we will discuss when it is warranted to eliminate gluten and dairy from your kids diet and when reducing it is enough. The specific health conditions that almost always improve when you cut gluten or dairy out and the steps to take to dairy and/or gluten free.

Upgrade to the live round of Natural Super Kids for only $99

(Full course costs $297)