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Episode 85: Authentic Parenting With Eleanor And Emma From The Reconnected

  We are thrilled to have Eleanor from The Reconnected back on the podcast, joined by Emma from The Reconnected to talk to us today about authentic parenting. If you missed our previous episode with Eleanor about parenting strong-willed children – you can listen here.In this conversation, we talk to Eleanor and Emma about the concept…

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Episode 84: Constipation In Babies

  Constipation is one of the most common digestive problems for babies. Constipation can look different for every baby but generally presents as infrequent bowel movements, bowel movements that are hard, dry and/or dark in colour, and difficulty passing bowel movements.  Constipation is more common in formula-fed babies and babies born via C-section. It can also…

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Episode 83: A Natural Approach To Reflux In Babies

  Following on from our series on infant health, this episode will focus on reflux in babies. Reflux, sometimes referred to as GORD – Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease is a common concern for new parents. For some babies, reflux doesn’t bother them at all. But for others, it can be uncomfortable or even painful. The good…

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Episode 82: Introducing Solids With Nutritionist Mel Kirkwood

  We understand how confusing and somewhat daunting starting solids can be for families. When do you start? What foods do you begin with? Is your baby getting all their required nutrients for growth & development?  That’s why this week I sat down with our infant nutritionist Mel to discuss introducing solids. In this podcast episode, Mel…

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Episode 81: How To Treat Colic In Infants With NSK Nutritionist Mel

  This week I’m joined by our Natural Super Kids Clinical Nutritionist Mel to chat all things infantile colic. Colic is a common condition we see in clinic that affects 1 in 5 babies. It is still quite poorly understood and occurs irrespective of breastfeeding or formula feeding in infants up to 5 months of…

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Episode 80: Meet Our Nutritionist – Mel Kirkwood

  This week I’m excited to introduce you all to our team member, Mel. Mel wears many hats here at Natural Super Kids – not only is she our qualified nutritionist on the team, but she also helps me behind the scenes as our Customer Engagement & Social Media Manager.  Mel is a qualified clinical…

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Episode 79: The Benefits Of Zinc For Kids

  If we could pick one mineral that is important when it comes to children’s health, it would have to be zinc. It is one of my most prescribed nutrients for kids because it has so many benefits and is particularly important when it comes to immunity, gut health, mood, and behaviour.  Kids also have…

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Episode 78: Vitamin D For Immunity, Allergies And Brain Health

  Many parents are aware that children need to eat a balanced diet with plenty of nutrients to support their growth and development. But one of the most essential nutrients for general wellbeing is something you can’t get through the diet, and that’s Vitamin D. The main way that our bodies access Vitamin D is the…

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Episode 77: Supporting Kids With Asthma And Allergies Through The Winter

  Winter sickness – we see it a lot. But did you know it’s the kids with allergies and atopic conditions who struggle with persistent or regular infections the most? Kids with allergies are more prone to picking up infections, and it can take them longer to recover from a nasty bug. But there are…

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Episode 76: Natural Treatment For Coughs And Croup In Children

  Coughs are very common in kids and can cause significant interruptions in the home, especially at night when they often get worse due to laying down. The most common causes of coughs in children are respiratory tract infections which are very common in Winter, and can often be quite chronic and ongoing for weeks…

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