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Episode 73: When To Treat A Fever In Children

  Kids get sick, and they run fevers. But as parents, we can be prone to a bit of fever phobia. Many parents believe that if a fever is not treated with medications, there are high risks of serious side effects. This simply is not true! Treating fever in children doesn’t have to involve Panadol or…

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Episode 72: Treating Warts Naturally

  Another common skin complaint in kids is warts. Much like molluscum, these skin growths are not harmful but spread like wildfire if given the opportunity.  Because warts aren’t harmful, they can just be left alone if you prefer. In fact, 65% of warts resolve within 2 years with no treatment. But if you do…

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Episode 71: Treating Molluscum Contagiosum

  Molluscum Contagiosum is a very common skin condition that is usually seen in kids. Most adults tend to have natural immunity, as they will have been exposed to the infection at a young age. It is a viral infection that presents as raised spots on the skin that doctors often misdiagnose as warts. There…

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Episode 70: Treating Worms In Children

  One of the joys of parenting is dealing with worms. Most kids will pick up worms from daycare or school at some point, which can often lead to infection of the whole family. Worms are often fairly harmless for most people, other than causing some unpleasant symptoms. But others can experience chronic infections if…

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Episode 69: Managing Tricky Behaviour In Kids With Ashleigh Warner

  In this episode, I sit down and chat with Ashleigh Warner from Raising Humans Kind & Holistic Family Psychologist. Ashleigh is a mum, a gentle parenting advocate, and a passionate holistic family psychologist. Ashleigh’s work is about helping parents get to a place where parenting feels less stressful, and where the relationships in the…

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Episode 68: Inspiring Teens To Shine From Within With Amanda Rootsey

  In this podcast episode, I sat down with Amanda Rootsey from Shine From Within. Amanda is a Hay House author, qualified life coach, and youth mentor.  She has been teaching and presenting to teens since she was a teen herself and has supported thousands of youth since launching her holistic training school, Shine From Within…

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Episode 67: How To Get Kids Eating Healthier (Without Them Even Knowing) With Laini Oldfield

  This week on the podcast I am chatting to Laini Oldfield from The Wholefood Collective. Today we are speaking about a topic I know will be popular – how to get your kids eating better (without them even knowing). Laini has such a great approach to this topic, gives so many great examples, and takes the…

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Episode 66: Common Poop Signs In Children With Naturopath Sarah Worboys

  (And what these poop signs can uncover about your kids’ digestive health) In this week’s podcast episode, I chat to our Natural Super Kids Naturopath, Sarah Worboys all about one of our fav topics to chat about as Naturopaths – poop! During our chat, Sarah and I discuss her role here at Natural Super Kids…

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Episode 65: Stutter Free Kids With Lauren Brown

  This week I am thrilled to chat all things stuttering with Lauren Brown from Stutter Free Kids. Lauren is a paediatric speech pathologist, childhood stuttering specialist, and the owner of Stutter Free Kids. For over 12 years Lauren has supported families to help their children speak stutter-free using the highly effective Australian stuttering treatment, The…

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Episode 64: Finding Calm, Confidence And Contentment In Motherhood With Dr. Hilary Claire Rowsell

  I am thrilled to be chatting with Dr. Hilary-Claire Rowsell again on the podcast this week. Hilary-Claire and I spoke in Episode 50 of the Natural Super Kids podcast in which we discussed holistic brain health, and I enjoyed her approach so much that I was keen to have her back on the podcast. In this…

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