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Episode 42: Tummy Aches in Children – Causes and Natural Solutions

  Tummy aches are a frequent complaint of children and they are one of the most common reasons parents take their kids to the doctor or naturopath. Tummy aches can be a bit confusing to figure out when it comes to kids, as kids often complain of tummy aches when they’re generally feeling unwell, or…

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Episode 41: Constipation in Children – A Natural Approach

  Many people think that constipation is just hard, difficult-to-pass stools. But constipation can be more than just those pebbly poos. It is any time that passing a bowel movement is difficult, painful, incomplete, or too infrequent. Even if you feel your kid’s stool movement is normal, if they are only going a few times…

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Episode 40: Hay Fever And Environmental Allergies In Kids

  Spring is finally here after what feels like a long winter season. Although the warmer weather of spring can lift our spirits and get us outside enjoying some Vitamin D, with that comes those pesky seasonal allergies. Today’s episode is dedicated to our naturopathic approach to reduce and treat hay fever & environmental allergies…

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Episode 39: The Link Between Eczema & Gut Health

  What does itchy skin have to do with the gut? Actually, quite a lot! In this podcast episode, I will be discussing the link between eczema and gut health. There are many topical options for managing eczema, including steroid creams and herb-based creams. But these don’t address the underlying causes of eczema. The main…

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Episode 38: Eczema – Causes and Natural Solutions

  A common issue that pops up with our members in the Natural Super Kids KLUB is the topic of eczema. Eczema affects 1 in 4 children and is an inflammatory condition of the skin. However, to really get on top of eczema we need to address the root cause of the inflammation which is…

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Episode 37: The Benefits Of Rest For Mums

    This week on the podcast we are focusing on the importance of rest for Mums. From my work as a Naturopath and my own personal experience, I truly believe that rest is the one key element of our overall health and wellbeing. Even though it doesn’t come naturally to me, as I know…

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Episode 36: Matrescence With Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

  I am loving all of the inspiring women that I have had the honour of interviewing over the last few weeks! If you have missed any of our recent episodes make sure you check them out.    This week on the podcast I am speaking with the wonderful Amy Taylor-Kabbaz about Matrescence and the…

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Episode 35: Are Additives Affecting Your Kids’ Behaviour And Health?

  This week I have an inspiring chat to share with you!!   Joanne from Additive Free Living joins me on the podcast to share her knowledge on all things additives. Jo and her sister, Tracey, run the business together and their mission is to educate families on exactly what they are eating, what is…

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Episode 34: Congenital Heart Disease In Children With Lisa Moane

  This week on the podcast we are talking to Lisa Moane about Congenital Heart Disease in children. We hear about Lisa’s personal story of her unborn baby being diagnosed with congenital heart disease when she went in for her routine 19 week scan and the emotional effect and trauma that came from that. Lisa…

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Episode 33: Meet our new Naturopath, Sarah Worboys

  Get to know our new naturopath here at Natural Super Kids, Sarah Worboys! Join us this week as Sarah and I dive into: What inspired Sarah to become a Naturopath and how her family’s love for cooking was a big factor in her becoming a Naturopath. Sarah’s approach to Naturopathy and why she believes…

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