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Episode 140: Balancing Parenthood and Personal Wellness with Clinical Nutritionist, Melissa Kirkwood

  In this week’s podcast episode, I am joined by our practicing Clinical Nutritionist, Melissa Kirkwood to discuss the importance of personal well-being as a parent/carer. In our online clinic, we often see a lot of children with complex health issues, children who aren’t sleeping, or those who are unwell a lot, which puts a…

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Episode 139: Navigating Perimenopause with Natural Super Kids Naturopath, Sarah Worboys

  After receiving such a great response to our Perimenopause Masterclass that we created for our Natural Super Kids KLUB members, we have decided to share this topic with our wider community. In this week’s podcast, I’m joined by our Natural Super Kids consulting naturopath, Sarah Worboys to discuss the physical and emotional shifts of…

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Episode 138: How healthy is your child’s gut?

  Ever wondered why your child is always picky about certain foods? Ever battled with recurrent infections, allergies, or even challenging behavior? It all could be tied to something as simple as gut health. I’m excited to announce that I’ve put together a brand new kids’ gut health assessment. This assessment will help you determine…

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Episode 137: What is the gut microbiome and why is it so important for your kids health?

  Discover the amazing world of the gut microbiome and why it’s so important for your kid’s health. Journey with us as we navigate the bustling cityscape of the gut, home to trillions of microbes that crucially influence your child’s growth, development, and overall well-being. This episode is Part 3 of our gut health podcast…

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Episode 136: A Holistic Approach to Managing Allergies and Intolerances in Children

  Have you ever wondered why allergies and intolerances, especially in children, are skyrocketing in Australia? Or if our medical system’s approach to these conditions is falling short? Join us as we delve deep into the perplexing issue of food allergies and intolerances in children in Part 2 of our Gut Health Podcast Series. If you…

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Episode 135: Uncovering the cause of your kids tummy troubles

  We are starting a new gut health podcast series this week, which is my favourite topic to share with you all. Over the next four weeks, we will be diving into uncovering the cause of your kid’s digestive symptoms or tummy troubles. As an experienced naturopath, I am here to help you unravel the…

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Episode 134: The Unseen Enemy: How Mould Affects Our Health

  Are you wondering why you or your child can’t seem to shake off those allergy or asthma symptoms? It’s time to consider the possible role of an unseen culprit – mould. In this revealing discussion, I will be unraveling how mould could be igniting allergic and inflammatory reactions in many of us.  In the…

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Episode 133: Breathe Easy: Controlling Asthma the Natural Way

17 Welcome back to our environmental allergies series. In this week’s podcast episode we are focusing on asthma. If you missed previous episodes on dust mite allergies, and managing hayfever, grasses and pollens be sure to check out the links below.  I start this episode with a personal story of a previous client of mine,…

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Episode 132: Environmental Allergies: A discussion on hay fever & pollens

  Today we are continuing our conversation on environmental allergies, with our focus this week being on hayfever, pollens, and grasses.  If you missed last week’s episode we chatted about dust mite allergies and our naturopathic approach to treatment.  In Episode 132, I will be discussing: My personal story of how I dealt with a grass allergy…

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Episode 131: Does your child have a dust mite allergy?

  Welcome to the first episode of our brand new environmental allergies podcast series. We will be diving into the most common allergies we see in our Natural Super Kids community and with our members in the Natural Super Kids Klub. This podcast series will include episodes on pollens, grasses, mould, and then we will move on to…

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