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Episode 108: Does Food Affect Your Child’s Mood, Behaviour, and Mental Health?

  So, the question is.. is your kid’s current diet impacting their mood, behaviour and mental health? The answer is YES! The relationship between food and mood is a two-way street. What you eat affects your mood, and your mood can affect your food choices. In this episode I will be discussing:  The research studies that…

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Episode 107: 5 Common Causes of Sleep Issues in Children

  Children not sleeping well is a big issue that many parents will face. Even one night of poor sleep can have a negative impact on the whole family – parents will be cranky, and the kids will be tired and moody.  In this episode I will be discussing the five common sleep issues in…

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Episode 106: Pyrroles Disorder with Ross Walter

  In this podcast episode, we are chatting about quite a complex disorder called Pyrrole Disorder. It is a condition that isn’t that well-known in mainstream medicine, but we are seeing more and more of it in clinical practice. Pyrrole disorder is an imbalance in the body that affects the synthesis of haemoglobin and causes…

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Episode 105: MTHFR, Methylation And Histamine Intolerance With Joanne Kennedy

  This episode is a bit different from our regular episodes as we are deep diving into the complexities of MTHFR gene mutations, methylation, and histamine intolerance. So make sure you’ve had a coffee, the brain is switched on and you’re ready to learn from our experienced, and highly-qualified guest naturopath Joanne Kennedy in this…

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Episode 104: Separation Anxiety With Emily Hanlon, The Playful Psychologist

  Emily Hanlon from The Playful Psychologist is a child and adolescent psychologist with experience providing individual and group therapy for children, adolescents, and adults with a variety of difficulties including ASD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), mood-related disorders, anxiety, poor social skills, and other behavioural concerns.  In this podcast episode, Emily and I are…

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Episode 103: Reimagining Discipline With Sarah Bolitho

  When it comes to disciplining our kids, we often lean on the ways we were disciplined as a child. But is this really the best way going forward? In Episode 103, I sat down with Sarah Bolitho from Secure Foundations to discuss reimagining discipline.  Sarah Bolitho is a Master’s Qualified Child and Filial Play…

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Episode 102: Preparing Your Child For School With Danielle Murray

  With school heading back in a few short weeks, we thought it would be a great time to introduce you to our podcast guest Danielle Murray. Danielle is a teacher, mother, and author of two books, who is currently studying a Masters of Child Play Therapy.  Danielle spent a decade working in primary school…

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Episode 101: Sleep, Reflux & Feeding With Natasha From Whole Child Co

  In this episode, I am chatting with Occupation Therapist Natasha Duffin. Tash is an Occupational Therapist trained in Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy, paediatric feeding, sleep quality and infant reflux and a mother of three. Tash is passionate about sleep quality for our children during periods of early growth and critical brain development. She believes the…

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Episode 100: Mel Interviews Jess

  Today we are celebrating our 100th episode – which is really exciting.  We are really proud to have reached 100 episodes over the last two years, releasing a new episode each week on a wide range of topics. For this episode, Jess will be sitting on the other side of the microphone, and our…

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Episode 99: Surviving Broken Sleep For Mums With Georgie Stephen

  In today’s podcast episode I am joined by my friend and fellow naturopath Georgie Stephen. Georgie is a naturopath and a mama to one spirited little girl and runs an online clinic dedicated to supporting tired, sleep-deprived mamas through the early years of motherhood.  It was through her own experience of sleep deprivation that…

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