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Episode 33: Meet our new Naturopath, Sarah Worboys

  Get to know our new naturopath here at Natural Super Kids, Sarah Worboys! Join us this week as Sarah and I dive into: What inspired Sarah to become a Naturopath and how her family’s love for cooking was a big factor in her becoming a Naturopath. Sarah’s approach to Naturopathy and why she believes…

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Episode 32: Fussy Eating & Increasing your Kids’ Exposure to Foods

  Do your kids FREAK OUT when there is a new type of food on their plate?   Exposing our kids to a variety of foods regularly helps them to become more comfortable with the food and will lead them to taste, eat and enjoy that food over time.   This is not a short…

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Episode 31: How To Add Nutrition To Your Fussy Eaters’ Diet

  Feeding picky eaters is one of the most common challenges that parents can face. It can make mealtimes a nightmare, but it can also raise concerns about whether your fussy eater is getting enough nutrients. In this week’s episode we are focusing on one of my favourite strategies when it comes to fussy eating…

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Episode 30: My #1 Tip For Feeding Fussy Kids

  In last week’s episode we talked about the basics of feeding kids healthier food. It’s one thing to be aware of what’s best for our kids when it comes to diet and nutrition, but another thing entirely whether our kids will eat the food we serve up to them or not.   So over…

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Episode 29: Feeding Kids – Getting The Basics Right!

    This week, we are going back to basics and shifting our focus to some of the more foundational topics rather than the more complex topics of gut health and immunity that we have been covering lately.   In today’s episode, we will be talking about how to get the foundations of your kids’…

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Episode 28: Supporting Epilepsy in Kids with Sonya Reynolds

    We are covering quite a different and specific topic today on the podcast, epilepsy in kids. Although this may not be a common issue for most parents, my hope is that what we talk about today will be shared and passed onto those families needing this kind of information and advice. Sonya Reynolds…

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Episode 27: Baby And Toddler Sleep Tips With Jen from Sleep.Thrive.Grow Consulting

A common issue that comes up with our Natural Super Kids KLUB members and my naturopathic clients is that mums are exhausted and fatigued because their babies are frequently waking through the night.   Sleep is so important and when we have little ones, those early morning waking’s can be so tough. So this week…

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Episode 26: The Importance Of Preconception Care With Kasey Willson

  This week we kick off a series of fantastic interviews and joining us this week is a friend of mine, Kasey Willson. Kasey from Glowing Mumma Thriving Bubba joins us today to talk about the importance of preconception care. She shares her tips on how to optimize your chances of becoming pregnant and having…

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Episode 25: Members Share Their Experience Of The Natural Super Kids Klub

    This week’s episode is a little bit different and I am so excited to share this with you! Today I will be talking to some of the beautiful mums from our Natural Super Kids Klub community – Naomi, Katrina and Celeste. Tune in as we talk about their health challenges before joining the…

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Episode 24: How To Avoid Unnecessary Antibiotics In Your Kids This Winter

  We are up to the final episode in our Immunity Series. In today’s episode, we are going to be covering what can be a controversial topic. The use of antibiotics and how you can avoid unnecessary antibiotics in your kids this winter. I see so many kids that are stuck on an antibiotic cycle.…

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