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Episode 8: How To Improve Your Kids’ Learning & Concentration

Get your kids off to a good start to the day with our delicious breakfast recipes. Grab Your Copy: 3 Breakfast Recipes To Improve Your Kid’s Mood & Behaviour   Download Your Copy Here                       Today’s episode is all about the things to consider or…

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Episode 7: A Simple Way To Improve Your Kid’s Gut & Immune Health

      In today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about some research that has come out of Finland being called ‘the forest floor study’. It’s a very interesting and fascinating research about how building forest floors in daycare centres can change children’s immune systems. The promising results on this short term study warrant…

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Episode 6: The Hygiene Hypothesis And Allergies In Kids

      Today, we are focusing on something that I find really interesting and fascinating. Hygiene hypothesis, and its contribution to the huge increase we are seeing in allergies, atopic conditions in our kids such as eczema, asthma and hay fever. We will discuss the increasing rates of allergies. How hygiene hypothesis is thought…

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Episode 5: Ask The Naturopath! Can Antibiotics Affect Kids’ Behaviour?

      Today, we’re going to do our very first Ask the Naturopath episode! In these episodes, I am going to answer a question from one of our Natural Super Kids Klub members. I want to pick questions that will allow us to delve a bit deeper into some of the really important concepts…

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Episode 4: The 4 Pillars of Healthy And Happy Kids

      In this episode, I’m talking about the 4 pillars of healthy and happy kids. I’ve created these from the years of work that I’ve done with families and kids. I realised that everything that we need to do to improve and optimise our kids’ health fall into one of 4 pillars. These…

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Episode 3: Our Unique Approach To Kids’ Health And Nutrition

      In today’s episode, we are focusing on our unique approach to kids’ health at Natural Super Kids. We will also go into some of the naturopathic philosophies that drive our approach to kids’ health. I’ll talk about how running my online business at Natural Super Kids has given me such a big…

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Episode 2: Jess’ Journey Into Naturopathy & Founding Natural Super Kids

      As I promised in our very first podcast episode, I am going to go into my story, and hopefully it helps you understand a bit more about me as a person, and also my passion for kids’ health and naturopathy in general. In this episode, I talk about my journey. From how…

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Episode 1: Welcome & What to Expect in the Natural Super Kids Podcast

      Welcome to our very first Natural Super Kids Podcast episode! Today, I will talk about what Natural Super Kids is all about. What to expect from this podcast, our vision for kids’ health and nutrition. What we offer here as we aim to inspire mums to boost the health and nutrition of…

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