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Episode 49: Preventing And Treating Acne In Teens

  Is your teen struggling with acne? Acne can be a concern for many teenagers, impacting their self-esteem and moods.Acne can be a big problem during puberty for both boys and girls. During puberty, there is an increase in androgens – the male sex hormones. Both boys and girls experience a surge of these hormones. This surge increases…

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Episode 48: Supporting Boys through Puberty

  Unlike female puberty, initial signs for male puberty are more subtle. Puberty in boys generally starts later than girls, usually between 9-14 years old. Puberty is a time of growth, change and often less than pleasant symptoms.  The hormonal changes that occur during a boy’s puberty are completely normal. However, if your son is struggling…

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Episode 47: Supporting Girls Through Puberty

  Puberty can be a difficult time to navigate for any child. But when it comes to puberty in girls, the hormonal changes can lead to a variety of unpleasant and even embarrassing symptoms. Because these hormonal changes are normal, they aren’t something we can really ‘fix’. But there are still ways you can support…

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Episode 46: Understanding And Supporting Teenagers’ Mood

  This week’s podcast focuses on understanding and supporting your teenagers’ mood. Whether that’s expressed as anger, sadness, frustration, or even aggression – as parents it’s important to understand that mood issues are a normal part of teen development. In this podcast episode, I discuss the causes of imbalances related to mood changes, including Changes…

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Episode 45: Feeding Teenagers

  Feeding a teenager can be a real challenge at the best of times. There is an increased need for optimal nutrition for teenagers, but they just want to eat junk food with their friends! This can make it tough to find a balance that everyone is happy with. If this is something you’ve been…

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Episode 44: Meet Our Members – Sarah & Morgan

  This week on the podcast we are doing something a little different, I am chatting to two valued members of the KLUB, Sarah and Morgan about their experience since being a member of the Natural Super Kids Klub. If you’re unfamiliar with the Klub, it is my online membership program that is full of…

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Episode 43: What Your Child’s Poop Can Tell You

  In this week’s podcast episode I teach you how to become a poo detective. Yes, you read that right. A Poo Detective. You might be thinking, ‘Why would I want to do that?’. Well, inspecting your kids’ poop is a great way of uncovering what’s going on internally for your child. As a naturopath,…

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Episode 42: Tummy Aches in Children – Causes and Natural Solutions

  Tummy aches are a frequent complaint of children and they are one of the most common reasons parents take their kids to the doctor or naturopath. Tummy aches can be a bit confusing to figure out when it comes to kids, as kids often complain of tummy aches when they’re generally feeling unwell, or…

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Episode 41: Constipation in Children – A Natural Approach

  Many people think that constipation is just hard, difficult-to-pass stools. But constipation can be more than just those pebbly poos. It is any time that passing a bowel movement is difficult, painful, incomplete, or too infrequent. Even if you feel your kid’s stool movement is normal, if they are only going a few times…

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Episode 40: Hay Fever And Environmental Allergies In Kids

  Spring is finally here after what feels like a long winter season. Although the warmer weather of spring can lift our spirits and get us outside enjoying some Vitamin D, with that comes those pesky seasonal allergies. Today’s episode is dedicated to our naturopathic approach to reduce and treat hay fever & environmental allergies…

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