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Episode 170: Nutrients to Support Neurodiverse Children

We have been focusing a lot on brain health recently on the podcast with our episode last week focusing on the key dietary changes I recommend for kids with ADHD – check it out here. We also chatted with  Dr. Robert Melillo about the Melillo method and his approach to balancing the brain in kids with…

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Episode 169: The Two Most Important Dietary Changes to Support ADHD Kids

Today, on the podcast Jess shares the two most important dietary changes to support ADHD kids. These dietary shifts will be relevant for people whose kids are presenting with symptoms that are common in ADHD, as well as supporting behaviour, mood and sleep in general.  In this episode, Jess discusses: The two most important dietary…

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Episode 168: The Melillo Method for supporting Autism, ADHD, OCD and Tourette syndrome with Dr. Robert Melillo

On this week’s podcast episode, Jess is joined by a specialist in child neurological health and neurological disorders, Dr. Robert Melillo.  Dr. Melillo is a clinician, professor, brain researcher, and best-selling author. Dr. Melillo has been supporting children with Autism, ADHD, OCD, Dyslexia, Tourette’s, Bipolar as well as many other mental, attention and behavioural learning…

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Episode 167: All about PANS and PANDAS in children with Dr Leila Masson

On this week’s podcast episode, Jess is speaking with integrative paediatrician Dr Leila Masson about PANS and PANDAS in children. Paediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections (PANDAS) and Paediatric Acute-Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (PANS) occur after an infection, most commonly a strep infection. In PANS and PANDAS, the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks healthy…

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Episode 166: The 80/80 Marriage with Nate Kemp

If you missed last weeks podcast, Jess spoke to relationship coach Aston Simmonds about how to recreate your relationship after kids. Here is the link to listen to this episode. This week on the podcast we have Nate Kemp, best-selling author of the book ’80/80 Marriage’ and formally trained philosopher.  Nate and his wife Kaley,…

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Episode 165: Recreating your relationship after kids with Aston Simmonds

Today we have relationship coach Aston Simmonds on the podcast to discuss recreating your relationship after kids and keeping the spark alive. Aston is not only a relationship coach, but a retreat facilitator, podcast host, writer and married mum of two. Aston helps women and couples to communicate, connect and recreate their relationship after having…

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Episode 164: Sensory challenges in children with Occupational Therapist Emily Lo

Our guest on the podcast this week is Emily Lo, a Paediatric Occupational Therapist and Sensory Expert, mother, and caregiver to her autistic brother.   Emily has worked for the Department of Education, in International Schools, for Not For not-for-profit organisations, and in private practice in Sydney via her clinic ‘Child-Led Therapies’. Emily is certified…

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Episode 163: How to Avoid the Antibiotic Cycle This Winter

  Last week on the podcast, Jess spoke about the importance of building a healthy winter immune system in autumn. If you have not checked this episode yet, click here to listen.  Today, on the podcast Jess is talking about the antibiotic cycle, how to break this cycle and help your child’s immune system recover this…

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Episode 162: Healthy Winter Immune Systems are Built in Autumn

  Today Jess is talking about immunity, and why it is important to support your child’s immune system before winter. Parents generally focus on building their children’s immunity during winter. However, focusing on supporting your children’s (and your) immune system in autumn gives you the best chance of fighting off colds, and flu when winter…

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Episode 161: A Naturopathic Approach to Bedwetting in Children

  In our last episode, I had an insightful discussion with Paediatric Neurologist Dr Steve Hodges from the United States. Dr. Hodges shared his unique approach to toileting issues, explaining how chronic constipation may be the underlying cause of toileting issues in your children. If you haven’t listened to this episode yet, click here to listen.…

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