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Episode 98: Nervous System Regulation With Kristin Nelson

  I am thrilled to be sharing the calming wisdom of our podcast guest, my beautiful friend and yoga teacher Kristin Nelson today. I have been attending Kristin’s yoga classes for close to a decade and I just love her style of yoga, and how her classes allow me space to go inward and connect…

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Episode 97: Working Toward A Zero Waste Home With Laura Trotta

  Laura Trotta is an experienced environmental engineer and award-winning sustainability educator. Laura is a passionate believer in addressing the small things to achieve big change and protecting the planet in practical ways. She has inspired and educated tens of thousands of people globally to adopt a greener lifestyle through her popular ‘Eco Chat’ podcast…

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Episode 96: Empowering Kids To Sleep Better Through Stories With Sam Holt From Sleep With Kip

  It is estimated that 35% of Australian families at any one time will be experiencing some behavioural sleep issues that will be affecting family well-being. Based on over two decades of research, the Sleep with Kip™ stories are a fun and friendly way to learn to manage common sleep problems in children. The Murdoch…

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Episode 95: An Uncomplicated Approach To Baby Sleep With Fiona From Mama Matters

  Today on the podcast we are chatting with Fiona from Mama Matters. Fiona is a social worker by trade and has worked in perinatal mental health and parenting for most of her career, and with that experience, she has developed a signature style of honest parenting support. Fiona’s approach is to empower parents to…

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Episode 94: A Natural Approach To Long Covid With Carla Wrenn

  On this week’s episode, I am joined by a fellow naturopath, Carla Wrenn. Carla is such an inspiration in the naturopathic world. She is an integrative naturopath and nutritionist, a passionate learner, and has undergone post-graduate studies in integrative oncology, autoimmune diseases, and functional medicine within Australia and USA. In September 2022, Carla launched…

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Episode 93: Homeopathy For Children With Eugenie Kruger

  On this podcast episode, I am chatting with Eugenie Kruger, an Australian homeopath. When I was in college I also studied homeopathy, but have found that I haven’t used it much since being in clinic. This chat with Eugenie has really inspired me to start prescribing homeopathics more as they are such an incredible,…

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Episode 92: Which Mum Personality Are You?

  At Natural Super Kids we encourage Mums to have a balanced view and approach to their family’s health and wellbeing. This means taking responsibility for the health and nutrition of your family and taking one step at a time because you understand that the small steps add up to results over time.  We aim…

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Episode 91: How Does Your Child’s Gut Health Affect Their Mood & Mental Health

  I often get asked whether having a sensitive child is linked to having a sensitive gut, and the answer is yes! The gut controls so much when it comes to mood and mental health through the gut-brain axis.  The gut-brain axis is a two-way connection between the gut and the brain. Your brain can…

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Episode 90: The Hidden Signs Of Gut Imbalance In Kids

  This is an important episode, as your child’s gut health impacts so much of their overall well-being. This includes their immune system, allergies, atopic conditions such as eczema, and asthma, plus mood and behaviour, and sleep.  But how do you know if your child has an imbalance in their gut? In this episode, I…

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Episode 89: Parasites In Children

  In this podcast episode, we are discussing a very common issue – parasites in children. Specifically the gastrointestinal parasites blastocystis hominis and dientamoeba fragilis, which are the most common parasites we see at Natural Super Kids in kids, and in the community as a whole.  In this episode we discuss: The symptoms of parasites, including:  Digestive symptoms:…

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