Parenting Teenagers: Are You Ready for the Transition?

This week’s podcast episode is a little different from our usual episodes. It is more personal and conversational than our regular educational episodes. As a parent of teenagers, I am sharing my personal experience and insights on my teen parenting journey.

In today’s episode, I will discuss:

  • ​​The transition in parenting, moving from raising younger children to navigating the teenage years; 
  • The noticeable shifts in children’s behaviours as they enter their teenage years;
  • The emotional “grief” associated with:
    • Saying goodbye to the days of your little kids;
    • The process of letting go as your children gain independence;
    • Adjusting to a changed family dynamic compared to earlier years;
    • Witnessing your kids shed their sweet innocence.
  • The reasons why the challenges that arise in parenting teenagers can be described as “next-level”;
  • Exploring the positive aspects of having teenagers in your family.

We understand that parenting is challenging in all chapters, and we want to give you the support you need, especially when your kids are not little anymore but not big enough to be entirely on their own. Tune in NOW, and get ready to open your eyes to the realities of parenting teenagers. 

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