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To Avoid A Winter
Full Of Sickness

with Jessica Donovan, Naturopath 

Tuesday, 15th June at 10:00 AM
Wednesday, 16th June at 7:30 PM
Thursday, 17th June at 12:00 PM

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Gillian Evans

We have escaped the worst of winter!
Kate Murphy

The kids have much fewer winter illnesses such as colds, coughs & tonsilitis!
Carly Frost

Not a single runny nose since we started!
Melissa Mackintosh
The kids don't get sick as often and when they do, it's milder and they bounce back faster!
Anna Anderson

Life is just easier now the kids are healthy!

Learn how to use Food, Nutrition and Herbs to boost your family's immune system, and avoid a winter full of:

Snotty Nose
Cough & Colds
Ear Infections
Antibiotics & Panadol
Sleepless Nights
Grumpy & Tired Kids
Days Off Work
What You Can Look Forward To In This Online Masterclass
Our Natural, Simple and Effective approach to avoiding Winter infections.
Learn how to boost your entire family's immunity with our proven 3-step Naturopathic strategy that is easy for busy mums to implement.
Immune "depleters" you need to avoid.
Don’t waste your time building up your kids' immune system only to have it depleted by these common foods and environmental factors.
Support & Bonuses!
This is more than just a one-off masterclass! You will be invited to our Boost Your Kids' Immune System Facebook group where you can ask questions, get support and access bonus Lives in the lead up to the masterclass. All for FREE!
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As a busy mum of two, I know what it’s like to juggle a million things every day. And like you, I want the very best for my family.

As a Pediatric Naturopath with 18+ years experience, I’ve helped hundreds of families to transform their children’s health and wellbeing.

I’m on a mission to help families have a healthier winter and I’m excited to share my SIMPLE ways to naturally boost your Kid’s immunity and I promise they are easy to implement into your busy life.

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