Optimal Nutrition for Active Kids: Nourishing Young Athletes

Welcome to the Natural Super Kids Podcast! Today, we will tackle a much-anticipated topic that has been highly requested by our Klub members: feeding sporty and active kids. We recognise the difficulties in providing optimal nutrition to support your child’s active lifestyle. Whether they’re passionate about soccer, swimming, dance, or any other physical activity, it’s crucial to ensure they receive the necessary nutrients to fuel their bodies, boost performance, and promote muscle recovery.

In today’s episode, I discuss:

  • The importance of meeting the unique nutritional needs of active and sporty children;
  • Essential macronutrients in an active child’s diet, their impact on performance and health, and some food examples:
    • Carbohydrates;
    • Proteins;
    • Fats.
  • The micronutrients that active kids may be more prone to deficiencies in:
    • Iron;
    • Calcium and Vitamin D;
    • B Vitamins;
    • Electrolytes;
    • Antioxidants.
  • Healthy, wholefood breakfast ideas to help your active kids start their day;
  • Healthy but simple snack ideas for sporty kids.

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