Navigating Food Intolerances in Kids-Insights from Clinical Nutritionist Melissa Kirkwood

Welcome to the Natural Super Kids Podcast! In today’s episode, we welcome back Melissa Kirkwood, our clinical nutritionist, who sheds light on the often confusing topic of food intolerances and the challenges they present to parents. We began to explore food intolerances in Episode 9: Addressing Food Intolerances and Sensitivities in Kids and today’s discussion perfectly complements what was covered in that episode.

In today’s episode, Mel and I discuss:

  • The major difference between a food allergy and food intolerance;
  • How food allergies manifest in the body;
  • The 8 most common allergens responsible for food allergy cases;
  • The various ways food intolerance can present itself in the body, causing discomfort and other symptoms;
  • The most significant determining factor differentiating a food allergy from food intolerance;
  • The most frequently encountered types of food intolerance at the Natural Super Kids Clinic;
  • The most prevalent signs and symptoms of food intolerance in children;
  • Mel’s approach to managing food intolerances in her young clients:
    • Keeping a food diary;
    • Elimination and reintroduction;
    • Supplementation.
  • Mel’s client success stories:
    • Alice, an 18-month-old girl with various symptoms ranging from poor sleep to abdominal pain, irritability, and pale, mucousy stools;
    • Ted, a 2-year-old suffering from chronic constipation, poor sleep, and mood issues.

Take the proactive step to address your child’s symptoms possibly linked to food intolerances.  Book a consultation with Melissa Kirkwood today! As an experienced practitioner, Mel offers valuable insights into the connection between food and symptoms, providing an external perspective that can make a significant difference. Consultations are available on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

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