4 Simple Adjustments that will dramatically improve your Kids Mood, Sleep & Behaviour

(and won’t require you to change your parenting style, 

give in to tantrums or turn to timeout tactics.)

Join me for a free masterclass & get practical, natural & positive solutions to help resolve your child’s behaviour challenges quickly. Yes, really!

In this Free Masterclass, you will discover:

The #1 diet shift to make for more balanced moods & better behaviour (that works even for the fussiest of kids!)
The ‘must remove’ ingredients from the supermarket foods your kids are eating that will radically improve their mood, sleep and behaviour. Especially hyperactivity, A.D.H.D, temper tantrums & angry outbursts.
A simple morning hack that leads to calmer, happier kids who fall asleep more easily and wake up feeling refreshed (this one will benefit the adults too, it’ll take just 5 minutes a day & it’s completely FREE!)
My favourite natural remedies for mood, sleep & behaviour challenges in kids (that are evidence based & actually work!)

Katie Croucher

"My child’s behaviour has improved, he accepts a wider variety of foods & I feel so much more confident as a parent navigating his A.S.D. diagnosis'

Parenting is hard enough without having to worry if your child is getting everything they need to thrive. The irritability, angry outbursts and difficult behaviours are concerning, frustrating and exhausting.
But there are simple solutions. I promise.

 This is a must-attend masterclass if: 
You’re feeling overwhelmed by your child’s constant and unexplained irritability, temper tantrums, meltdowns, defiance, mood swings and behavioural problems.
You’re confused by all the ‘health and diet’ information out there that only leave you feeling guilty and more confused than ever.
You just want simple, practical tips and guidance from a qualified naturopath to help you tackle some of the most puzzling questions you’re facing when it comes to your child’s mood & behaviour.
A Note From Jess

 I know first hand just how hard it is to support a child through mental, emotional and behavioural challenges.

As a qualified naturopath of 20 years, I’d worked with hundreds of families to get to the root cause of these issues but it wasn’t until my own child
 was struggling with anxiety that I truly understood the daily struggle.

Being in a state of high alert from the moment I woke up, searching my childs face for any tell tale signs, wondering if it would be a good day or if one small thing would set off a chain reaction of meltdowns, loss of appetite or school refusal - sometimes all of the above.

And the guilt and shame we experience as parents is overwhelming!

Where did I go wrong? What should I be doing differently? As you wipe your tears and put on a brave face for your child, you can’t help but worry for their future. 

Here’s what I want you to know:

While I can’t stop you worrying about your child (that just comes with the territory), I can give you surprisingly simple ways to support your child’s long term health and wellbeing. My child is now happy, healthy and thriving (with all the normal eye rolls and attitude that come hand in hand with the teenage years 😉) and I’m so grateful for the knowledge I had to be able to get us to this place.

I’d love to share these simple solutions with you.

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