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Natural Super Kids Klub

Access the expert support you need to raise healthy, happy, thriving kids.

Natural Super Kids Klub (or ‘the Klub’ as Mum's in the know like to call it) is a members-only online resource where you’ll find a tonne of encouragement and all the nutritional and naturopathic advice you need to keep your kiddos thriving.



But the Natural Super Kids Klub is here to help you supercharge your child’s immunity and experience tangible breakthroughs (like drama-free meal times) while also giving you the health and nutrition advice you need to make the simple changes that’ll improve your child’s health and wellbeing.

melissa Mackintosh

Before joining the KLUB, my kids were constantly getting sick throughout the winter

Now, my kids don't get sick as often and when they do, it's milder and they bounce back faster!



Caitlyn circle

Not a tummy ache at all since we started!

I honestly feel like I’ve hit the jackpot with Jess & this group. It’s been a year for me running around trying to work out what’s going on with my daughter's tummy & feeling more confused every time I’d walk away from an appointment. I had started to implement some real gut health strategies when I came across Natural Super Kids. It all made so much sense & couldn’t believe my luck! Jess is so generous with her time & knowledge. Amazing! So glad we’ve found you. 

Caitlyn Walis


Jess has an incredible depth of knowledge about children's health, my 4 boys barely even go to the GP now!

I’ve done other online programs in the past to learn more about removing additives but nothing has come close to giving me the depth and breadth of information, advice, and support that Jess provides. I trust her implicitly. I love that I don't have to waste time googling, it gives me so much peace of mind. If you’re looking for holistic health advice you can completely trust to improve your whole family’s health and happiness, you're in the right place, and with Jess, you're in safe hands.

Monique Suidgeest

The Natural Super Kids KLUB is a one stop shop for everything you need to boost the health and nutrition of your family!


  • Encourage your kids to accept new foods and put a stop to picky eating.
  • Enhance gut health to eliminate unexplained rashes, tummy aches and constipation.
  • Build tolerance to food and environmental allergens and intolerances and reduce symptoms of eczema, asthma, allergies and food intolerances.
  • Improve sleep, behaviour, learning and concentration.
  • Boost immunity so your kids get sick less and bounce back faster.
  • Strengthen family connection to foster better mental health and emotional resilience.
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The KLUB has had such a big impact on our family

My daughter's eczema is pretty much non-existent - even in hot weather there are no flare ups. My kids' immune systems are stronger, when they do get sick they never become full blown colds and they recover quickly. Hubby and I have lost weight and our bodies feel healthier and cleaner.

Naomi Hopper

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My son's tic subsided, my daughter is calmer!

I have seen improvements in both my kids. My son had a problem with a tic and it has since subsided because of what I learned in the KLUB. My daughter eats better and now enjoys a wider range of foods. She is calmer, sleeps well fewer outbursts, and hasn’t been as sick.

Joanne Mantle


I am just like you...

As a busy mum of two, I know what it’s like to juggle a million things everyday. And like you, I want the very best for my family.

As a Pediatric Naturopath with 18+ years experience, I’ve helped hundreds of families to transform their children’s health and wellbeing.

My work spans minor issues like getting picky eaters to enjoy a more varied diet to helping kids suffering from chronic conditions like cystic fibrosis, constipation, autism, eczema, ear infections and everything in between.


Getting your family healthy is my specialty and I would love to help you raise super healthy kids!