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All the ideas, inspiration and support
busy mums need to raise healthy, happy kids

As mums, we just want the best for our kids.

But motherhood isn’t always smooth sailing, is it? And right now, despite your best efforts, things feel far from on track.

Instead of cute giggles and lively conversation at the kitchen counter, your kids are often tired, cranky and lacking in energy.

Rather than wolfing down the meals you spend ages preparing they turn up their noses or outright refuse most of the foods you offer.

And while they do want to play sports and attend social activities they’re always stuck at home with coughs, colds or infections.

You feel confused, frustrated and disheartened. You wonder if all of this could somehow be your fault. You question if you're doing enough and if you should be doing (even) more than you already do... AND SOMETIMES, YOU SECRETLY THINK TO YOURSELF...

It should be easier than this...surely?

But here’s the thing: our modern world is making it so much harder
for us to keep our kids happy and healthy. We have to deal with…

processed foods

Processed foods packed with sugar, additives and other harmful ingredients


Harmful toxins in our household cleaning and personal care products


Modern farming methods that result in nutrient-depleted, pesticide-laden foods


Indoor lifestyle with too much time on screens and too little physical activity


Pollution in the air we breathe and chlorine and other nasties in the water we drink


Overcommitted schedules, leaving less time for our kids to play and just be

And I know you’re already juggling a million things every day

(me too!)


You’ve got endless amounts of shopping, cooking and cleaning up to do - all totally thankless tasks. Then on top of that you have a million mixed messages on your newsfeed about what foods are ‘good’ for them and what’s going to ruin them forever. 


And whether you work in or out of the home, there’s never enough hours in the day. You barely get enough time to yourself in the bathroom, much less good chunks of time to research and really think about how to best support your family’s health and nutrition.


Yet through it all, you always manage to make time for your little ones.

Because there is NOTHING more important to you than seeing the smiles on their faces when they’re truly happy and healthy.

So...you *could* keep going exactly as you are…


Spending hours each day in the kitchen making meals...that hardly get eaten.


Sitting up all night googling ways to keep your family well in winter...while they continue to pick up every lurgy going around.


Watching your friend’s/sister’s/neighbour’s kids bounce around with energy...while yours are always irritable, itchy or just out of sorts.


And guessing at how to build up their immunity...because what you’re doing right now doesn’t seem to be working.


Or, you could discover a world of parenting support, nutritional advice and naturopathic wisdom all backed by the latest research and 18+ years of knowledge and experience in kids health and nutrition

(you know, instead of blindly stumbling along with best intentions)


To help you raise healthy, happy and beautifully resilient kids.


Natural Super Kids Klub

A place filled with simple ideas and serious support for busy mums
who want to raise happy, healthy, hungry kids.

(you know, kids that don’t crack it every time you put food in front of them!)


Natural Super Kids Klub (or ‘the Klub’ as mums in the know like to call it) is a member’s-only online resource where you’ll find a ton of encouragement and all the nutritional and naturopathic advice you need to keep your kiddos thriving. 


The Klub has brought together the most amazing community of like-minded, loving and health-conscious parents who were all, at one time or another, exactly where you are right now…


...wondering, guessing and grappling at how to improve their kids' health, diet and overall wellbeing in a way that’s actually achievable, fits in with their busy schedule and is adaptable enough to suit their family’s budget and unique set of circumstances.


But the Natural Super Kids Klub is here to help you supercharge your child’s immunity and experience tangible breakthroughs (like drama-free meal times) while also giving you the health and nutrition advice you need to make the simple changes that’ll improve your child’s health and wellbeing forever.

It’s about helping you become the organised, proactive mamma you’ve always wanted to be so you can feel at ease knowing that your family’s health and nutrition are well taken care of.

And what could be more important?

Caitlyn circle

Not a tummy ache at all since we started!

I honestly feel like I’ve hit the jackpot with Jess & this group. It’s been a year for me running around trying to work out what’s going on with my daughter's tummy & feeling more confused every time I’d walk away from an appointment. I had started to implement some real gut health strategies when I came across Natural Super Kids. It all made so much sense & couldn’t believe my luck! Jess is so generous with her time & knowledge. Amazing! So glad we’ve found you. 

Caitlyn Waliis


Since joining the Klub I’ve seen huge improvements in my children’s sleep, eczema, constipation and anxiety.

We’ve increased the veggies and variety in our meals and I feel confident I’m nourishing my children well. The Klub has given me a sense of balance so I feel less anxious with things like social occasions where my kids are offered less than ideal food choices. As a member, I feel part of a valuable community with access to a health professional who supports me when I need it. Jessica has also provided advice on how to balance my own hormones which has literally transformed the way I feel on a day to day basis!

Sarah Nicholson


The KLUB has been a lot more useful than any other online program I’ve ever been a part of.

My little one was suffering from food intolerances and eczema so I was constantly searching for answers and seeking guidance. When I found Jess and Natural Super Kids, I instantly liked her balanced approach to children’s health and nutrition. 

Since joining the KLUB, I’ve been amazed at how much valuable, practical content we get access to each month and surprised at how available Jess is in the Facebook group.

Thanks to everything I’ve learned in the KLUB and the changes I’ve introduced to our family’s diet and lifestyle habits, my son is now not only eating a wider variety of foods, he is tolerating more foods and his eczema flares less often. We've escaped the worst of winter, thanks to the high-quality supplements we get access to as members and the kids love making their own dishes from the deconstructed meal ideas.



Non-judgemental and helpful community

I love being involved in a group that shares the same passion for my family's health and well being. Everyone is non-judgemental and so willing to share and help others within the Klub, it's great! I know that by being part of the Klub, even if I only make small changes, means that I am doing the best to improve my families health.

Sherelle Palummo

Voula circle

I am so glad to have found you Jess and this club I feel like I can reach out at anytime and that I’m not alone in this journey of parenthood.

We all want the best for our children and it certainly helps to be able to access all this information at any time and also help each other along the way. Thank you for all you do Jess it’s a wonderful community to be apart of!

Voula Olufen

Ella L.

No unrealistic expectations for busy families.

The Natural Super Kids meals are achievable and delicious. I love it how the ingredients for meals is already in the cupboard!

Ella Lonergan


I now feel much more educated about my family’s health.

To be honest, Jess shares so much amazing information in her free Facebook Lives, I wondered if I really even needed the KLUB. But access to all the personalised support Jess offers in the Ask the Naturopath sessions is worth the monthly fee alone! Since becoming a KLUB member I now include more veggies into meals (both on the plate and hidden in meals), make better choices at the shops (I read and actually understand how to read food labels now) and avoid damaging ingredients like preservatives and colours. Thanks, Jess, for sharing all your knowledge!

Courtney Cox

Ashley OConnor

Hassle-free inspiration and motivation

I most love the hassle-free inspiration and motivation, from you, Jess, as well as fellow members. My whole family have benefited from the change in mindset and understanding of actual healthy living the Klub has given me.

Ashley O'Connor

Hi, I’m Jess

and I'm just like you…

As a busy mum of two, I know what it’s like to juggle a million things everyday. And like you, I want the very best for my family.

As a Pediatric Naturopath with 18+ years experience, I’ve helped hundreds of families to transform their children’s health and wellbeing.

My work spans minor issues like getting picky eaters to enjoy a more varied diet to helping kids suffering from chronic conditions like cystic fibrosis, constipation, autism, eczema, ear infections and everything in between.

Getting your family healthy is my speciality and I would LOVE to help you raise SUPER HEALTHY KIDS!


When you join the Natural Super Kids Klub you get
exclusive and unlimited access to:


Monthly Recipe Bundles

Quick, healthy, family-friendly recipes to inspire you. We’ve got recipes for weeknight meals, lunch boxes, one-pot wonders and easy breakies with allergy-friendly, vegetarian and fussy eaters in mind.

3 (1)

Tips on Reducing Toxins

Our kids are continually exposed to more dangerous toxins than we ever were, and they can wreak havoc on their developing bodies. Each month we focus on ONE thing you can do to reduce your family’s toxic load.


Easy Monthly Meal Plans

And to make your life even easier, you’ll also get a new Healthy Family Meal Plan each month with easy, delicious and nourishing main meals, light snacks, sweet (but healthy) treats and easy lunch box ideas.

1 (1)

Checklists & Cheatsheets 

The KLUB provides loads of simple guides on topics like reducing sugar, baking with alternative flours, preparing fermented veggies, foods for immunity, reducing your kid’s screen time and so much more!


Bonuses and Perks 

Includes discounts at online stores such as the Wholefood Collective, Biome eco stores and Nutra Organics. Special rates for Naturopathic consultations with me. Plus you’ll get access to bonus expert interviews and special Facebook Lives on all sorts of interesting and relevant topics. Members tell me the discounts they receive in the KLUB cover the cost of the monthly membership fee alone, and then some!


Spotlight Sessions 

These are extra sessions on kids health + nutrition with videos, audio and cheat sheets so you can watch, listen or read later. You’ll get plenty of actionable steps so you can put what you learn into practice. Topics we’ve covered include: Boosting your child's immunity, Strategies for fussy eaters, Ideas for outdoor play, Managing your child's big emotions, Reducing food additives and more!


The Klub Community

You know it takes a village to raise a child, but actually asking for support can be hard to do. In our Facebook group, I’ll cheer you on, answer your questions and help you turn your kids into Natural Super Kids! It’s a wonderful place filled with like-minded mums who totally understand your struggles. Many members tell us the support they get in the Klub is one of the most valuable parts of this program!

Jess sales

Ask the Naturopath sessions

Get all of your specific health-related questions answered by a qualified paediatric Naturopath (me!) in our weekly Ask the Naturopath Sessions. These online sessions are exclusive to our Klub members and will save you countless hours trawling the internet searching for answers to your family’s health and wellness. Just think of the time AND money you’ll save in doctors appointments.

And all of this incredible content is housed in a beautifully designed, easy to navigate members-only portal

that makes finding what you need as easy as clicking a button


(because you’ll need your other hand free to nurse the baby and tickle the toddler)




All it takes is 30 minutes a week (that’s less than you’re probably spending on your latest Netflix series) to chomp down on bite-sized lessons, tasty recipes and a sweetly supportive community of like-minded mammas. 


Okay, I've heard enough, I want in the KLUB

This is not just another program, it's a supportive community of mums who would never dream of judging someone else’s health journey.

Before joining the KLUB I was a rundown mummy, feeling overwhelmed with all of our family’s health issues; eczema, asthma, picky eating and gut issues. I knew so much of it could be traced back to our diet, but it all felt so big and I had no idea where to start.

At first I wasn’t sure about joining yet another program. I wondered if it would be good value, if the content would be useful and accessible or if I would feel comfortable enough in the community to ask the specific questions I had.

But I needn’t have worried. Since taking the leap and joining the KLUB, I’ve implemented so many amazing changes in our diet and made tons of easy low tox living swaps. The small changes I’ve made to our diet and lifestyle are having a huge impact on myself and my children. We are more energetic and focused, we're less emotional and tired, we now make healthy choices as a first impulse as opposed to an afterthought. I am so thankful for the information, guidance and support I've received from Jess and the community.

Megan Donohue

My sons chronic cough (that he had for 12 months after multiple doctors and specialist appointments) has disappeared with Jess' recommendations & his energy levels are improving daily.

I've seen definite improvements in my families health since joining the Klub.  The KLUB material feels really practical, and easy to follow. Jess is always generous with her time & knowledge & the format allows you to dip in & out - & to delve a bit deeper into subjects that interest you. Highly recommended!

Tania Krupta

In the KLUB, I have never once been made to feel I’m not doing enough or I’ve done the wrong thing...

I really like Jess’s down to earth approach and how she encourages us to make small, realistic changes. As a family, we’ve made some simple switches and are definitely eating better. I love that I can quickly get any questions answered by a qualified Naturopath via live video, from the comfort of my own home!

Nikki Monk

Improved gut health, immunity and eating habits

Since joining the KLUB, I’ve been able to implement so many easy ideas to improve my family’s gut health, boost our immunity and manage fussy eating.

Laura Pollard

My knowledge since joining the Klub has exploded!

I know so much more, I feel more confident in dealing with my kids colds & their ability to get over them quicker. We have been on a healthier path, but joining has really improved it even more, with recipes, cough syrups etc to try. I love having more knowledge & the Klub provides the ability to learn so much!

Shawna Mollo

Jess listens carefully to what we want and provides the content we need.

Rather than being a block of content that you have to trawl through to find what you need, Jess has designed the KLUB so it is responsive to the needs of the community. 

Megan Donohue

As a mum who wants to feed her family well and boost their gut health and immunity, the KLUB has empowered me to do just that.

My kids were never exposed to childcare bugs so I thought my daughter's first winter at school would result in an onslaught of bugs and viruses, but we've only had a couple of sniffles and that’s thanks to everything I’ve learnt in the KLUB. I was relieved to discover I didn’t have to be visibly active on Facebook to get the most out of the membership and I am SO impressed at how easily I can incorporate the recipes and meal plans into our eating. It’s been a huge bonus to sort out my own hormonal imbalance... OH MY WORD!! Be gone nutso brain!! I feel stable and sane again!

Renae Chittleborough

we love celebrating member WINS

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All of the information and resources you’ll get inside the Klub is
incredibly useful, but what you’re really getting is...

  • Inspiration and ideas for feeding your kids nutritious foods they’ll *actually* eat without spending hours in the kitchen every day (or blowing your food budget).
  • Peace of mind knowing all their nutritional needs are being met and they're no longer being exposed to potentially harmful ingredients in foods they eat.
  • Pride as you watch your kids reach their full potential because they're no longer being held back by their health challenges or lack of nutrition.
  • Access to your own expert pediatric Naturopath so you can ask all your specific questions whenever you need to, for a fraction of the cost.
  • A wonderfully supportive community of mums who prioritise their children's health (in the same way you do) and empathise with the challenges you’re currently going through.
  • Weekly doses of inspiration and healthy food ideas at your fingertips to keep you and your family on a healthy path (even when life gets busy and stressful).

And that’s not even the
best part…

Although you get a TON of information and MASSIVE amounts of real value as a member…

Every piece of content inside the Klub is delivered in deliciously bite-sized snippets of easily digestible goodness that’s easy to find and even easier to implement.


So in a word: I’ve made this........ EASY.


Because I know how hard you already work and I don’t ever want you to feel like this is just one. more. thing. you’ve got on your plate. That’s why I’ve created the Klub with YOU in mind. Your busy schedule, the daily challenges, food fights, sibling squabbles - all of it.


Through the Klub, hundreds of mums are discovering how easy it is to improve their family’s long-term health and change their kid’s lives for the better, step by simple step….

** Enrollments open for a limited time only **

No contracts, Cancel Anytime!


Yes! I want in the klub

Listen, you already know that processed and packaged foods are completely devoid of the nutrients our kid’s bodies NEED for healthy growth, development and function. Most are FULL of unfavourable ingredients that have negative effects on their weight, behaviour, immune function, gut and brain health.


But you may be surprised to learn that some of the foods we think of as ‘healthier options’ such as many popular breakfast cereals, muesli bars, crackers and yoghurts, fall into this processed food category.

As a paediatric naturopath, I find this alarming. As parents, we all need to take responsibility to turn this around for our kids.

Taking responsibility doesn't mean

  • Spending all day in the kitchen making everything from scratch.
  • Socially isolating your kids in the hopes they stay well and healthy.
  • Being a perfect ' health guru' mum who obsesses about pesticides and preservatives.

Taking responsibility does mean

  • Becoming aware of the simple shifts and swaps you can make that’ll see a BIG difference to your families wellbeing.
  • Focusing on the things we CAN do as parents to optimise our kid's health and nutrition.
  • Taking one simple step at a time and doing the best we can.


Deb Ann

Jessica is such a great naturopath to have as a coach, teacher, mentor and friend to guide, inspire and encourage us on our journey.

It's wonderful to have a safe community of like-minded mothers to learn, share and discuss health issues pertaining to our families. Deb Ann

Deb Ann

Testimonial circle

Small tweaks and changes here and there really DO make a difference and the KLUB helps you to identify those easy wins very quickly.

Before joining the KLUB, my kids were constantly getting sick throughout winter. I knew  immunity and gut health was what we needed to focus on but I wasn’t really sure where to start. I’d heard about the KLUB but I was worried it’d be full of ‘hardcore healthy’ mammas and unrealistic advice that I had no way of following through on. But it was such a small amount to get started so I joined anyway hoping there’d be something useful in there for our family and boy, I’m so glad I did! 

The KLUB is phenomenal value! There’s nothing else I’ve found that gives you such easy access to qualified Naturopathic and nutritional advice right at your fingertips. I didn’t realise how much I would learn, not just for the kids but for the rest of the family too!

The kids don’t get sick as often and when they do, it’s milder and they bounce back faster! We love the recipes and the variety and overall quality of food in our family’s diet has significantly improved. The Facebook community is wonderful and so supportive and the best part is that I now feel empowered to take charge of my families health. I wholeheartedly recommend the KLUB to every family looking for better health and wellness!

Melissa Mackintosh


Jess takes an extraordinary amount of time to personally reply to questions.

Jess goes above and beyond to provide a personal element to her Klub. She takes an extraordinary amount of time to personally reply to questions and it's so generous with the knowledge and expertise. She doesn't paint herself out to be the world's leading expert on everything and the external advice that she has bought into the Klub has been such a valuable "extra".

Charlie Golding


The depth of knowledge and personalised guidance I’ve received as a KLUB member is priceless.

I saw a naturopath for many years but received nowhere near as much support as we do in the KLUB. Since joining, my kids are much healthier and my daughter's eczema has started to heal. I’m more conscious about what I feed my family and the kids are happily eating a lot more veggies. The supplements we get access to are a godsend and have helped us through the winter with no colds or flu. Jess gives so much of her knowledge and time to the community and she’s always so kind. Life is just easier now the kids are healthy. I can't thank Jess enough for everything she provides in the KLUB.

Anna Anderson


Relieved and Less overwhelmed

I feel relieved and less overwhelmed since joining Jessica's KLUB. It's been wonderful seeing my kids enjoy new foods, something previously very difficult for my daughter to do.

Jo Hackett


The first thing that grabbed me about the KLUB was no lock-in contracts. It meant I could try it out for a month and if it didn’t meet my needs, it was only a small amount invested.

We have nut allergies in our family so I was doubtful the KLUB would be for us, but three months later and I’m still a member! I just love the supportive community and Jess is so generous with her ‘Ask The Naturopath’ sessions. Since becoming a member of the KLUB we eat together more as a family, the kids are spending more time outside, we get access to excellent supplements and I’ve tried some great new recipes! As a result the Kid’s have fewer winter illnesses such as colds, coughs and tonsillitis.

Kate Murphy


It's great to have a trusted resource to turn to instead of trawling the internet.

The KLUB community is so supportive and it feels like we are all on the same page. I love the recipes and the new short videos on reducing toxins and healthy lifestyle tips.

It is great to have a trusted resource (that’s you Jess!) to turn to instead of trawling through the internet and weighing up the merits of various articles.

Lauren Kelly



  • Encourage your kids to accept new foods and put a stop to picky eating
  • Boost immunity so your kids get sick less and bounce back faster
  • Enhance gut health to eliminate unexplained rashes, tummy aches and constipation
  • Improve sleep, behaviour, learning and concentration
  • Strengthen family connection to foster better mental health and emotional resilience
  • Build tolerance to food and environmental allergens and intolerances and reduce symptoms of eczema, asthma, allergies and food intolerances


** Enrollments open for a limited time only **

Yes! I want in the klub

A final message from one mum to another...

I know that the health and happiness of your family is always at the forefront for you.


And it’s a big responsibility when you stop to think about it!
Jess circle




But how do we know if we’re getting it right? If you want a place you can come to share wisdom, set-backs and challenges, ask questions and gain support. If you’re craving a haven that doesn’t aim for perfection but celebrates you no matter where you’re at in your parenting journey. And if you’re ready to watch your kids go from struggling to thriving…



** Enrollments open for a limited time only **

Yes! I want in the klub