Boost your kids nutrition and health without giving up all the fun stuff!

Let's talk about a realistic approach to our family's wellbeing.

You already know

  • Your kids should be eating more wholefoods and less packet food.
  • Your kids don't eat enough veggies.
  • Your kids sugar intake is often too high.
  • You should be encouraging your kids to play outside more often.
  • You should be reducing additives, preservatives and other chemical ingredients in the food your family eats.

The 'shoulds' as a mother are relentless but you simply cannot do it all!

As a busy mum you need tips, strategies and meal ideas to be able to optimise your families nutrition and wellbeing quickly and easily.

(Not to mention some magic to get your kids to actually EAT what you serve them!)

I’m Jessica Donovan

As a Naturopath, I’ve studied pathophysiology, science of the body, and natural health care modalities like nutrition, herbal medicine, and homeopathy.

In my clinical work, I’ve helped dozens and dozens of parents to transform their children’s health. My results have been from minor issues like getting picky kids to eat a more varied diet to helping clients to heal chronic issues like cystic fibrosis and everything in between like asthma to eczema. Getting your family healthy is my specialty.

On top of that, I am also mum to two crazy and delightful little munchkins and know all too well the juggling act that is life as a mum 🙂


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I am passionate about empowering you to protect your kids from the dangers of our western diets and lifestyles, in a realistic way.

I want to show parents that you can live in the real world and support your kids health

  • You don't have to become that health obsessed mum!
  • You don't have to spend endless hours in the kitchen and
  • Your kids certainly don't have to be deprived of the fun that comes with birthday parties or other social occasions.

I want to show parents there is a middle ground

You don't have to accept the norm of feeding your kids processed food full of rubbish while they are glued to their ipads


You don't have to go to extremes for your kids to be healthy either.

Your kids can still enjoy simple childhood pleasures like choosing an icecream flavour or eating fish and chips on the beach.

In the Natural Super Kids Klub we focus on small and realistic changes that build your childs health (and accelerate the entire families wellbeing) !

Natural Super Kids Klub will help

You feel confident your kids nutritional needs are being met and your children are thriving.

Lighten the mental load of deciding what to feed your family for dinner or pack in the kids lunchboxes everyday.

Your kids eat what you serve them without fuss and become open to trying new foods. They will rarely whine “I’m hungry!” because their diet keeps them full and energized.

Your children have a robust immune system, they will get sick less often and bounce back from illness quickly.

Eliminate your worry about taking yet another sick day from work, school or childcare.

Your kids become well behaved at home and at school because they’re not constantly burning off a sugar high. They even concentrate better.

Your household become in control and harmonious. Life with kids doesn’t have to feel out of control! There’s a difference between good energy and crazy energy.

Eliminate the juggle of doctor and specialist appointments and the guilt of having to rely on harsh medications with yucky side effects.

Get your child's eczema and asthma symptoms are under control without having to rely on steroid creams or medications.

My in-clinic clients spend hundreds of dollars for an appointment, but you can join the Natural Super Kids Klub for a fraction of that (in fact it is the best value offer I have ever created!)

Join Now for the crazy low/ pre-release price of $20/ month (No contracts, cancel anytime)

Caroline Makepeace
Not only does Jess give you easy to understand theory on the nutritional content of food and what our body needs to thrive, she also offers useful tips for creating a less toxic home and lifestyle, and provides easy recipes that taste great! Thanks to the course, we've changed to about 80% organic whole foods and have a cleaner environment. My daughter's now have a balanced, healthy and delicious lunchbox each day, and my extremely fussy, youngest child is slowly embracing wild food choices like avocado on her sandwiches and pumpkin brownies!

Caz Makepeace |


As a busy mother of two young boys, I always have my ears peeled for quality information on how I can best nourish my family, naturally. From the moment I started Jessica’s ecourse, I was taken by her extensive knowledge and passion of naturopathy and found her approach to be refreshing.

Jessica is not one of those naturopaths whose advice doesn’t work in the “real world”. As a mother herself, she gets family life. I was easily able to slot her recipes, meal plans and wellbeing tips into my busy schedule and see immediate positive results in my family’s health.

If you’re ready to take your health and wellbeing to the next level, you can’t go past Jessica to help you get there.

Laura Trotta |

My vision for the Natural Super Kids Klub is

To bring together a supportive community of parents

who value the wellbeing of their children and want to be inspired by new ideas on enhancing the health of their entire family.

Healthy family meal plans, recipes and food ideas

that are simple to make and delicious to eat. Gluten, Dairy, Nut and Egg free options and 'Fussy eater variations' for most recipes

A focus on 'cook once, eat thrice (or more)' ideas, batch cooking and freezable meals

so us mamas can spend less time in the kitchen and more time having fun with our kids.

Monthly 'Spotlight Sessions' where you will learn about a something related to your kids wellbeing in depth. These sessions will be with me or another expert.

Some of the topics I have in mind are Boosting immunity naturally, Strategies for fussy eaters, Encouraging outdoor play, Dealing with your childs big feelings, Removing food additives from your families diet, Healing your child's leaky gut and more. I am open to suggestions from members too.

Monthly 'Let's do this together' projects

in which we focus on ONE change to make to our family's diet or lifestyle that will make everyone healthier. It might be Reducing sugar, Making a batch of fermented veggies, Sourcing some organic food or Making the switch from a chemical product to a natural one.

Whatever the project you will get clear instructions on how to and you will be encouraged to take a step forward from where you are currently (we don't believe in perfection!)

Monthly 'Ask the Naturopath'

live sessions where you get your specific questions answered by me in a live online video.

A Sneak Peak into what's coming up


Week 1

2 x weekly Healthy Family Meal plans with over 35 new recipes.

Plus a BONUS 'how to video' for my crunchy cereal alternative your kids will love!

Week 2

Spotlight session on Food, Nutrition and Herbs to boost your child's immunity this winter.

Week 3

Let's do this together project on PREBIOTICS in our kids diets to support the growth of the good bugs and boost gut and immune health.

Week 4

Live Ask the Naturopath session.


Week 1

Slow Cooker Recipes you can make in Big Batches and freeze.

Week 2

Spotlight session on Strategies for Fussy Eaters..

Week 3

Let's do this together project on creating an environment to encourage your kids to eat more variety.

Week 4

Live Ask the Naturopath session.


Week 1

Focus on Fish and seafood recipes and ideas.

Increase omega 3, iodine and zinc levels for children's wellbeing.

Week 2

Spotlight session on The how's and why's of sourcing and eating more local and organic food including budget tips.

Week 3

Let's do this together project Growing your own food and getting kids involved in the garden with Kyrstie from A Fresh Legacy.


Week 4

Live ask the Naturopath session.


Keep in mind none of this is set in stone. I am keen to hear your feedback and suggestions as we go.

 In return for your early feedback when you join as a founding member you will be locked in at the absolutely lowest price.

This is my way of saying thank you for helping me shape what I envision to be an amazing community.

Join Now for the crazy low/ pre-release price of $20/ month (No contracts, cancel anytime)


The Natural Super Kids programme that Jess has put together is so easy to follow with loads of great tips, ideas and resources. I know if the gut flora living in my three boys stomachs could talk they would be congratulating me for finally listening to their needs! Thanks Jess for being the warm and supportive you that you are 🙂

Belinda Wade

Belinda Wade

Not a single cold or runny nose in months. I recommend Jess's work for anyone who wants to see their kids thrive

Carly Frost

I was blown away with all of the little things we could do to improve the health and wellbeing of my kiddies! We have all made significant and ongoing changes to the way we nourish our bodies. Thank you Jess, you have such a gorgeous nature and you know your stuff!

Claire Byrte


Natural Super Kids is perfect for you if

  • Your kids are healthy and eat fairly well but you want to ensure you are doing your absolute best for their wellbeing.
  • You are tired of dinner time battles, picky eating and your kids refusing veggies, fish or meats.
  • You know your kids are missing vital nutrition because of their fussy eating habits and you often ask yourself “What am I doing wrong?”
  • Your kids are often sick with snotty noses, ear infections, conjunctivitis, croup, gastro, chest infections, throat infections, hand, foot and mouth, school sores, You name it, they pick it up!
  • Temper tantrums, meltdowns, whining, aggressive and overemotional behaviour is wearing down the entire family and your connection with your kids is suffering.
  • Your child has eczema, allergies or asthma. You feel alone and your heart breaks watching your kids discomfort, you know there must be a better way.
  • You don't know where to turn next for your child's tummy aches, toileting issues, bed wetting or constipation. You know your child's gut health isn't up to scratch but you're confused about what to do about it.

Natural Super Kids Klub IS

  • An ongoing membership where we continue to work on taking small steps toward the goals you have for your childrens nutrition and health.
  • Full of actionable advice so you can put what you learn into practice
  • A place where mistakes, off track weeks and imperfection are Okay. We are all mums living in the real world after all!
  • A supportive, helpful community of mums who all have the best intetions when it comes to the wellbeing of their children.

Natural Super Kids Klub is NOT

  • An intense online program with a heap of overwhelming information.
  • Information overload where you don't even know where to start.
  • A place where we strive for perfection.
  • A competitive community full of mummy wars and parenting debates.



Jessica is very realistic in expectations of what can be achieved over the short and long term, and you don't have to spend huge amounts of money to make a difference to your and your family's life and health. So much can be done from home and with what you have in your pantry or fridge. Also Jess gets it. She gets that no one is perfect, that family life can be hard and many of us are time poor, and tailors her advice to suit. Thanks Jess for your generosity and your gorgeous spirit!

Holly Simpson


My 2 year old daughter suffered from red and dry blotchy skin. We had tried a variety of natural ointments/creams and seen a dermatologist, but her eczema would periodically return with flare ups, despite using no soaps and hyper-allergenic washing powders. With hesitation, we even tried a prescribed steroid cream, which caused an allergic reaction.

The results from Jessica’s recommendations have been amazing. Although, my daughter has sensitive skin, her eczema on the legs, arms and face has disappeared. My daughter now tolerates most foods and is a very happy and gorgeous two year old.

Jayne Haydon

Your childrens wellbeing is way too important to miss this.

Join Now for the pre-release price of $20/ month (No contracts, cancel anytime)