Support and inspiration for busy mums who want to raise healthy, happy and resilient kids

I get it, you're a busy mum juggling a million things everyday (me too!)

But I'm guessing one of your top priority's is to raise healthy and happy kids!

Unfortunately, our modern world is making it harder for us to keep our kids healthy in so many ways:


Processed foods packed with sugar, additives and other harmful ingredients


Modern farming methods that result in nutrient depleted, pesticide-laden foods


Pollution in the air we breathe and the water we drink


Toxins in cleaning & personal care products


Indoor lifestyle with too much time on screens and too little physical activity


Overcommitted schedules, leaving less time for our kids to play


Time poor parents, leaving less opportunity for family connection

These things are not only affecting our kids physical health, their mental and emotional health is suffering too.

But the modern world is here to stay (and aren't we lucky to live in a time with all the conveniences we have today?)

Even with all of these modern day challenges – It IS possible to raise healthy kids but going it alone can be lonely, overwhelming and confusing.

Let me guide you

I’m Jess

I would love to help you raise SUPER HEALTHY kids

As a Naturopath with 18 years experience I have an intricate understanding of Childrens health and Nutrition (I am ALSO a busy mum so understand the challenges you face in your daily life!)

I have helped hundreds of families to transform their children’s health.

My results have been from minor issues like getting picky kids to eat a more varied diet to helping clients to heal chronic issues like cystic fibrosis and everything in between like constipation and autism to eczema and ear infections.


Here are some places I’ve been featured:


Getting your family healthy is my specialty!


I love being involved in a group that shares the same passion for my family's health and well being. Everyone is non-judgemental and so willing to share and help others within the Klub, it's great!

I know that by being part of the Klub, even if I only make small changes, means that I am doing the best to improve my families health.


I've seen definite improvements in my families health since joining the Klub. My sons chronic cough (that he had for 12 months after multiple doctors and specialist appointments) has disappeared with Jess' recommendations & his energy levels are improving daily.

The KLUB material feels really practical, and easy to follow. Jess is always generous with her time & knowledge & the format allows you to dip in & out - & to delve a bit deeper into subjects that interest you. Highly recommended!


Tania Krupta


Jess takes an extraordinary amount of time to personally reply to questions and it's so generous with the knowledge and expertise.

Charlie Golding

Health and nutrition can be overwhelming and it's hard to know where to start.

With my help you can become an organised mum who sleeps well at night knowing you are being proactive about your childrens health and nutrition!


The KLUB community is so supportive and it feels like we are all on the same page. I love the recipes and the new short videos on reducing toxins and healthy lifestyle tips.

It is great to have a trusted resource (that’s you Jess!) to turn to instead of trawling through the internet and weighing up the merits of various articles.

KLUB Member


I feel relieved and less overwhelmed since joining Jessica's KLUB.

Jo Hackett

What could be more important?


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Our kids deserve nutritious food to fuel their bodies

but Australian kids are getting almost half of their daily energy intake from processed foods!

These foods are void of nutrients kids bodies require for healthy growth, development and function and packed with unfavourable ingredients which have a

negative effect on their weight, behaviour, immune function, gut and brain health.

You may be surprised to find out that many foods we think of as healthy such as many breakfast cereals, muelsi bars, crackers and yoghurts fall into this processed food category.

As parents we need to take responsibility and turn this around for our kids.

Taking responsibility doesn't mean

  • You have to spend all day in the kitchen making everything from scratch.
  • You have to socially isolate your kids so they can be well and healthy.
  • You have to be a perfect ' health guru' mum who obsesses about pesticides and preservatives.

Taking responsibility does mean

  • Becoming aware of the simple switches and changes you can make that will make a BIG difference to your families wellbeing.
  • Focusing on the things we can do as parents to optimise our kids health and nutrition.
  • Taking one step at a time and doing the best we can.

The Natural Super Kids KLUB is full of mums just like you, who have made the choice to prioritise their families health and wellbeing.

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The Natural Super Kids KLUB community is a group of supportive, mums who have each others back, a place where we share wisdom, set-backs and challenges, ask questions and gain support. We don't believe in perfection and celebrate the fact that everyone is at a different stage in their journey.

Here's how the Natural Super Kids Klub works


Join the Natural Super Kids Klub

Only $28/month. No contracts. Cancel anytime


Invest 30 minutes a week (way less than your probably spending on Facebook!)

Bite size lessons, Recipe inspiration and a supportive community


Watch your Kids Thrive

Make your family healthier one step at a time

Let's work together in the KLUB to help your kids reach their full potential!

  • Encourage your kids to accept more foods and put a stop to picky eating
  • Boost immunity so your kids get sick less and bounce back faster
  • Enhance gut health to eliminate tummy aches, constipation and much more
  • Improve sleep, behaviour, learning and concentration
  • Build tolerance to food and environmental allergens and intolerances and reduce symptoms of eczema, asthma, allergies and food intolerances.
  • Develop better family connection to build mental health and emotional resilience

It's been wonderful seeing my kids enjoy new foods, something previously very difficult for my daughter to do.

Jo Hackett


Not a single cold or runny nose in months. I recommend this program for anyone who wants to boost their kids immune system.

Carly Frost

The eczema on my daughters legs, arms and face has disappeared. My daughter now tolerates most foods and is a very happy and gorgeous little girl.

Jayne Haydon

Jackie Deacon

We were completely blown away by the changes in my sons behaviour in just 24 hours! He was listening again, his anger was at bay, he was loving again, the tantrums stopped and most of all he was aware of his behavior. I honestly couldn’t believe it. It was like magic!

Jackie Deacon


How good it would feel to serve nutritious food to your family everyday that your kids will actually eat without spending hours in the kitchen (all while sticking to your food budget).

Being satisfied, knowing your kids nutritional needs are being met and they're no longer being exposed to potentially harmful ingredients in the foods they eat.

Feeling at peace, knowing your kids can reach their full potential because they're no longer being held back by their health challenges or lack of nutrition.

Having access to your own personal Naturopath to ask your specific questions to on a weekly basis.

Being part of a supportive community of mums who prioritise their children's health (like you do) and empathise with the challenges you are going through.

Having weekly doses of inspiration and healthy food ideas to keep you and your family on a healthy path (even when life gets busy and stressful).



No contracts, Cancel Anytime!




 What do you get in the Natural Super Kids KLUB

At Natural Super Kids we believe there are 4 pillars that are essential for healthy kids so every month we provide resources to help you build each of these pillars.


Pillar 1 - Food and nutrition

Every month a new bundle of quick, healthy, family friendly recipes in released into the KLUB so you are continually inspired to create nutritious meals for your family. As soon as you join you get access to hundreds of recipes that are already in the KLUB including quick and easy weeknight meals, lunchbox recipes, slow cooker recipes, breakfast recipes, fish and seafood recipes, allergy friendly recipes, vegetarian recipes and more!

We also release a brand new Healthy Family meal plan every month.

NSKK toxins

Pillar 2 - Reducing Toxins

Our kids are exposed to more toxins than we ever were as children. These dangerous toxins can wreak havoc to their vulnerable and developing bodies. As parents there are many things we can do to reduce our kids toxic load as well as build their resilience so their bodies are able to handle and remove everyday toxins from their growing bodies.

Every month we focus on ONE thing you can do to reduce your families toxic load for better health.

NSKK healthy lifestyle

Pillar 3 - Healthy Lifestyle

I don't need to tell you our kids are spending too much time indoors on screens or in scheduled activities and not enough time playing outside in the fresh air, dirt and sunshine but many parents underestimate the negative effects our modern lifestyle is having on our kids.

We have a monthly healthy lifestyle focus every month so you can start 'healthifying' your families lifestyle.


Pillar 4 - Natural medicines

In the Natural Super Kids KLUB we focus on natural medicines to support the bodies innate healing ability and address the cause of your child's health symptoms.

Every week I do a LIVE Q and A in the Facebook group answering your questions. You can post your questions in the Facebook group or ask them live at the session. The recording of the Ask the Naturopath sessions is available for you to watch at your convenience 🙂

Klub Members also get access to



I love to suprise my members with extra Bonuses and Perks such as discounts at online stores, discounts for Naturopathic consultations with me, bonus expert interviews and Facebook Live extras. Often the discounts in the KLUB cover the small cost you pay to be a member plus some!

We currently have discounts with The Wholefood Collective, Biome eco stores, Nutra Organics and more.



Our spotlight sessions deep dive into a specific topic relating to kids health and nutrition and you get access to a video, audio and cheat sheet on the topic so you can watch, listen or read the session. I aim to keep these sessions short, sharp and shiny with plenty of actionable steps so you can put what you learn into practice.

Our spotlight sessions so far have included Boosting your child's immunity, Strategies for fussy eaters, Benefits and ideas for outdoor play, Managing your child's big emotions, Essential oils in the home, Reducing Food additives and more!



We have a heap of one page projects walking you throughONE change to benefit your families health. Our KLUB projects include -  Reducing sugar, Making a batch of fermented veggies, Sourcing more organic food, Cleaning with essential oils, Connecting with your family and many more.

Whatever the project you will get clear instructions on how to and we will encourage each other to take action.



You’ve been told that it takes a village to raise a child, but do you seek out support from other like-minded mums as often as you could?

Facebook has become a wonderful place to find like-minded people and join uplifting communities.
Honestly, the support that you’ll get as a mum in our Facebook group is one of the most valuable parts of this program. Social support is one of the biggest predictors of happiness and success, and I’m so happy to be able to cheer you on, answer your questions and help you turn your kids into Natural Super Kids.

Ella Longergan

The Natural Super Kids meals are achievable and delicious. I love it how the ingredients for meals is already in the cupboard, no unrealistic expectations for busy families.


Cindy portwine

I love that I can ask a naturopath without having to make an appointment and watch the video back later or at any time. I am gaining more and information information each week that has helped my son particularly with his school and social acceptance by helping to feel better internally first.


Ashley OConnor

I most love hassle-free the inspiration and motivation, from you, Jess, as well as fellow members. My whole family have benefited from the change in mindset and understanding of actual healthy living the Klub has given me



I think if we give up on wanting to learn something we start to loose hope. Jess has a contagious energy that stirs me to stay inquisitive rather than feeling defeated, no matter what the concern. Being able to share with other mothers in the klub enlightens my perspective. With that I can make 'small' steps towards something greater and know that I'm doing the best I can with what I have. Thank you Jessica for the difference you make in my family's lives.


Sharon S

The Klub has provided a place of inspiration as well as genuine support. Implementing small changes in our home for the better not only for my children but the family as a whole.


Sarah Pak

The world is overflowing with information, of varying degrees of quality and correctness, I feel the Klub filters out the noise and highlights what is important and factual. This is exactly what I need as a time-poor but health conscious mother! And having the ability to make informed decisions for my famliy’s health and well-being makes me feel empowered... so thanks Jess!

Sarah Pak

My knowledge since joining the Klub has exploded!

I know so much more, I feel more confident in dealing with my kids colds & their ability to get over them quicker. We have been on a healthier path, but joining has really improved it even more, with recipes, cough syrups etc to try. I love having more knowledge & the Klub provides the ability to learn so much!


Shawna Mollo

As a mum...

I'm guessing you take care of the health and nutrition needs of your family.

It's a big responsibility when you stop to think about it!

The bad news is your families health and nutrition won't improve without you making some changes.

If you don't make changes to your shopping habits you will continue to feed your family foods that contain harmful ingredients that can contribute to behaviour and learning difficulties, eczema, asthma, digestive problems and more! (it's not your fault, food manufacturers make it more and more difficult to recognise these ingredients).

If you don't make changes to your families eating habits, your fussy eaters will become fussier and may never learn to accept new foods.

If you don't make changes to the approach you have to your childrens healthcare, you will fail to address the underlying cause of your kids health symptoms and they will continue to rely on harsh medications like steroids and antibiotics.

If you don't make changes to your families lifestyle, your kids will miss out on the physical, mental and emotional benefits of unstructured outdoor play and quality time together as a family. (these things have been shown to reduce depression and anxiety in kids).


As parents we have a small window of time to get the foundations set for our kids long-term health and the Natural Super Kids Klub can help you get it right!


If the only thing you got from joining the Natural Super Kids Klub was was a simple approach to feeding your family healthy food, would it be worth it?

If the only thing you got from joining the Natural Super Kids Klub was peace of mind knowing you were being proactive about your childrens health and nutrition, would it be worth it?

If the only thing you got from joining the Natural Super Kids Klub was reducing your kids exposure to toxins and harmful ingredients in their food and environment, would it be worth it?

If the only thing you got from joining the Natural Super Kids Klub was watching your kids go from struggling to thriving, would it be worth it?

If the only thing you got from joining the Natural Super Kids Klub was access to a qualified Naturopath with 18 years experience working with families, would it be worth it?



No contracts, Cancel Anytime!