✖️ Tired of spending hours each day in the kitchen making meals......that hardly get eaten?
✖️ worried your kids nutritional needs aren't being met ....... because they only like to eat bland, starchy, beige foods?

Healthy Recipes for Fussy Eaters Bundle

a bundle of recipes and simple strategies that get your kids excited about the food you  put on the table - instead of the usual whining, complaining and wasting of perfectly good (and expensive) produce!


You’ve been trying to get your fussy eaters to try at least one new piece of fruit or veg for months (or even years), but haven't been successful...and the only foods they WILL eat are bland, starchy and driving you mad from lack of variety - you’re not even sure if you can bring yourself to boil one more pot of plain pasta.

We understand how stressful it can be when your kids won't eat the food you have spent your time cooking! (not to mention the wasted money!)


And when you know how important nutrition is for their growing bodies, it makes you even more desperate for your kids to eat more variety.


But the more desperate you become the bigger the food battles become.......

Introducing our Healthy recipes for fussy eaters bundle

Whats included


Winning Recipes for fussy eaters

Winning Recipes For Fussy Eaters eBook - NEW

Our favourite ‘fussy kids approved’ recipes that are easy to make and contain extra nutrition that your kids won’t notice.

We’ve taken some kid favourites such as pancakes, chocolate, sausages and fried chicken and added a healthy twist to encourage fussy eaters to eat more variety with foods they are already comfortable eating.


Hidden veggie Recipes for picky eaters

Hidden Veggies Recipe eBook - NEW

Although hiding veggies is not the answer to building a healthy relationship with food long term, these recipes will help you increase that all-important veggie intake while I teach you some longer-term strategies that will have your kids eating more veggies in plain sight in no time.

Your kids will love our veggie-packed cookies, cakes, muffins and nuggets (and so will the rest of the family)


Deconstructed recipes for fussy kids

EBOOK_ Deconstructed Dinner

One of the best ways to get fussy eaters to eat more variety is to serve ‘family style’ meals, where all components of a meal are put on the table separately and everyone serves themselves.

Our deconstructed family meal recipes will give you loads of fresh ideas & recipes you can serve this way including soups, nutritious nachos, salads and noodle dishes.

Kid Tested. Naturopath Approved.
The Busy Mum Seal Of Approval.


BONUS MASTERCLASS: 3 simple ways to increase variety in your fussy eaters' diet


An engaging, no-fluff masterclass with Paediatric Naturopath Jessica Donovan covering the 3 most important things to focus on to increase variety in your fussy eater's diet.

In this masterclass we cover

  • My #1 tip for feeding fussy kids (this simple strategy will ease dinnertime battles as soon as you implement it - I'm talking tonight!)
  • My 'kitchen open, kitchen closed approach' to help you set (and stick to) healthy boundaries when feeding kids.
  • The FIRST step to take to encourage your kids to eat more variety without nagging or pressuring.
  • Addressing the underlying causes of fussy eating so your children develop healthy eating habits for the long term.

Grab our 'Healthy recipes for fussy eaters bundle' for only $19 AUD 

Hi, I’m Jessica Donovan

I’m Jessica, an everyday mum navigating the exact same challenges.

I’m also a qualified Naturopath and my goal is to give practical advice and simple real food recipes to help boost children’s health.

And keep your sanity firmly intact.

There is a world of health that lies in between junk food and iPads and becoming a health-obsessed, helicopter mum.

That’s why I focus on getting more everyday healthy stuff in as a first step. Our goal is to increase the nutritional impact of each meal rather than eliminating the less healthy stuff completely.

I want two things for your family.

I want your kids to be as happy and healthy as they can be. And I want to make this feel simple and easy and achievable for you.


✔️ Encourage your kids to accept new foods & put a stop to picky eating

✔️ RElax... knowing that your kids are getting the essential nutrients they need to be healthy.

✔️ Watch your kids get sick less (and their tummy, sleep and behaviour challenges disappear) as their diet improves.

✔️Share precious family meals together without the stress and drama.


Grab our 'Healthy recipes for fussy eaters bundle' for only $19 AUD