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Want to fast track your families health?
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Food Foundations For Happy, Healthy Kids.

6 steps to taking control of your kids’ health.
Using the building blocks of nutrition to improve every area of your lives.

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The 1st step towards healthy and happy kids is food and nutrition!

Food Foundations for happy, healthy kids is my 6 module online course showing you how easy it can be to nourish your Kids with healthy food they will enjoy.

If you are struggling to get healthy food on the table for your family, looking for inspiration for healthy meals or tired of the dinnertime battles because of fussy eaters this course is for you!

We cover

Welcome & Pantry staples

Having your pantry stocked with a range of nutritional powerhouses means that there’s always a healthy and simple option to keep your kids health on track.

Nutrition Foundations

Protein, fat, carbohydrates. The foundations of nutrition. We’ll learn how to combine these to make simple yet tasty meals and create healthier habits in even the fussiest of eaters.


A well balanced breakfast sets your child up for the day and helps to balance their mood and energy. This means increased concentration and better behaviour at school and home.


Lunch can easily be overlooked in the whirlwind of your child’s day. And without a balanced lunch, the afternoon slump will involve both energy and behavioural challenges. With a balanced lunch, the afternoon is smooth sailing.


No more exhausted battlefield. No more feeling like a short order cook. Dinner ideas and recipes to keep you relaxed at the end of the day.


Snacks are one area where there’s a world of brightly coloured pre-packaged options shouting at you why they’re the best. Understanding healthy snack options means that your kid’s energy levels and mood stay stable across the course of the day.

Let me show you the foundations of family food and nutrition so the following is possible for you.

  • You cook dinner for the family. One meal. Nutritional needs. Tick. And it tasted great as well.

  • You understand the basics of nutrition. How to feed your kids (and by extension, yourself) in an easy and balanced way.

You knew there was only a small window of opportunity to get your kids foundations set for long term success.

So, you rose to the challenge and did the best thing for your family.

You stepped up and took control of the food they eat.

You said goodbye to bad behaviour. Goodbye to fussy eating. Goodbye to your daughter’s eczema.

Food is the building block of your Kids wellbeing.

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Food Foundations for Happy, Healthy Kids complements the content in the KLUB and will help fast track your success towards a healthy family.