Filling the Gaps in the Australian Dietary Guidelines for Children

Welcome to the Natural Super Kids Podcast! In today’s episode, we’re diving deep into a controversial topic – Australian Dietary Guidelines. For this episode, we will be looking at three specific guidelines: The National Health and Medical Research Council’s Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, Nutrition Guidelines for School Tuck Shops, and Health Direct’s Healthy Eating for Kids. 

Australian Dietary Guidelines are once again sparking discussion because one of our members in the Natural Super Kids Klub encountered a surprising roadblock when submitting a Bliss Balls recipe to her child’s school tuck shop. The recipe, which included coconut oil, was deemed a “red food” and rejected due to school canteen guidelines favouring vegetable oils over natural, solid oils like coconut oil.

In this episode, I will discuss:

  • The challenges faced by parents when it comes to meeting their kids’ nutritional needs;
  • Flaws in Health Direct’s Guide on Healthy Eating for Kids:
    • Emphasis on a large amount of cereal and grain foods;
    • Does not consider adequately consider new research on saturated fats;
    • Preference for processed vegetable oils over healthy natural oils;
    • The misinformation around coconut oil and its surprising benefits on HDL cholesterol.
  • Specific issues identified with the Guidelines for Healthy Foods and Drinks Supplied in School Canteens;
    • Perplexing categories used: green, amber, and red;
    • The use of intense sweeteners in “green” drinks;
    • Preference for vegetable oils rich in Omega-6 fatty acids and the implications on children’s health;
    • Omission of essential fat-soluble nutrients when opting for low-fat dairy;
    • Banning salt in school lunches, despite its necessity in nutrient balance.
  • What’s missing in Australian Dietary Guidelines, and where the focus should be redirected;
  • Her recommendations for healthy feeding practices for kids;

As parents, it’s our responsibility to question and explore dietary recommendations to ensure our kids get the best nutrition possible. If you’re passionate about providing optimal nutrition for your kids and want practical tips to overcome challenges, this episode is a must-listen. 

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