In today’s podcast episode I am joined by my friend and fellow naturopath Georgie Stephen. Georgie is a naturopath and a mama to one spirited little girl and runs an online clinic dedicated to supporting tired, sleep-deprived mamas through the early years of motherhood. 

It was through her own experience of sleep deprivation that Georgie became passionate about helping other mothers to survive this stormy season, after seeing firsthand how little support and information is available for mums when it comes to supporting their own health and energy through broken sleep.

She wants all mothers to feel nourished, energised, and able to enjoy the wild ride of motherhood without having to compromise on their values when it comes to sleep and responding to their baby through the night.

In this episode Georgie and I discuss:

  • The biggest challenges mothers face when it comes to sleep in the early years of motherhood;
  • Potential long-term concerns Georgie sees for mothers who face chronic broken sleep without any extra support;
  • How parents tell the difference between normal night wakings and something more problematic with their babies/kid’s sleep patterns;
  • Her top tips for sleep-deprived mums;
  • Plus, Georgie shares the one thing she wants every tired mum to know.

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