I am thrilled to be sharing the calming wisdom of our podcast guest, my beautiful friend and yoga teacher Kristin Nelson today. I have been attending Kristin’s yoga classes for close to a decade and I just love her style of yoga, and how her classes allow me space to go inward and connect to my intuition.

Kristin is a devoted mama and a perfectly, imperfect dedicated yogi. She is the happiest living the simple life grounded in nature, with time for yogic and meditation practises and spending time with her family and friends. She is passionate about sharing what works for her, with her community. What she is reading and contemplating and most importantly – what she practises.

In this episode, we will be chatting about:

  • Kristin’s approach to yoga;
  • The nervous system and why it’s important for parents to take care of their nervous systems;
  • Practical ways we can regulate our nervous system in our busy lives;
  • Kristin’s favourite teachings from yogic philosophy;
  • Plus, Kristin shares an exciting free online event that she will be running called Pockets of Peace. 

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