It is estimated that 35% of Australian families at any one time will be experiencing some behavioural sleep issues that will be affecting family well-being.

Based on over two decades of research, the Sleep with Kip™ stories are a fun and friendly way to learn to manage common sleep problems in children. The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute prides itself on generating and sharing evidence-based advice for baby and child sleep. In this series of 6 books, MCRI shares their knowledge about common sleep problems in children and how to manage them. The books have been created for the 3-8 year old age bracket with behavioural sleep issues (not physical sleep problems). 

In this podcast episode, I am chatting with Sam Holt from Sleep with Kip:

  • Sam explains how the Sleep with Kip range of storybooks came about and the different sleep problems that they can help with;
  • We discuss 3 main problems when it comes to kids’ sleep:
    • Kids who have trouble falling asleep;
    • Kids that wake up at night and can’t settle themselves back to sleep;
    • Kids waking really early in the morning;
  • Sam talks us through a couple of strategies including tips for kids who get up from bed multiple times in the evening asking for things (food, water, cuddles etc) and those who are early risers;
  • Finally, Sam shares with us how we can access the books.

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