On this week’s episode, I am joined by a fellow naturopath, Carla Wrenn. Carla is such an inspiration in the naturopathic world. She is an integrative naturopath and nutritionist, a passionate learner, and has undergone post-graduate studies in integrative oncology, autoimmune diseases, and functional medicine within Australia and USA.

In September 2022, Carla launched Long Covid Care which is a virtual clinic created to support people with long COVID conditions.

In this episode, Carla shares with us her knowledge of long COVID and we discuss:

  • What long COVID is;
  • What some of the most common symptoms of long COVID are, and whether it presents the same in adults and children;
  • What the research tells us about long COVID and children;
  • Whether there is a link between COVID and the increased frequency and duration of winter illnesses we have had this year;
  • Carla touches on why kids haven’t been 100% healthy since having COVID;
  • The link between the microbiome and long COVID;
  • Plus Carla shares with us some practical tips for recovering from long COVID.

Episode Links:

  • Check out Long COVID Care clinic here. 
  • Follow Long COVID Care on Instagram here.