At Natural Super Kids we encourage Mums to have a balanced view and approach to their family’s health and wellbeing. This means taking responsibility for the health and nutrition of your family and taking one step at a time because you understand that the small steps add up to results over time. 

We aim to encourage Mums to prioritise the health of their family (because what’s more important) and always be inspired to learn more, but also want you to know that you don’t have to be perfect for your family to be healthy.

In this podcast episode, we are doing something different and a bit of fun. I am going to go over six different Mum personality types so you can see where you’re at. Once you’ve found the personality that resonates with you most – we’d love to hear which one of these resonates with you over on our Instagram page. 

So, which Mum personality type are you?

  • Head in the sand Sophie: it’s unlikely that anyone listening to this podcast is a Head in the sand Sophie. You wouldn’t be listening to this podcast as you wouldn’t be aware there was even a problem and you wouldn’t be interested to learn more and make changes. 
  • Curious Chloe: You are new to the world of natural medicine. Maybe because you’re curious to know how nutrition may be contributing to your child’s health conditions (eczema, behaviour, etc)
  • Overwhelmed Olivia: You’ve been reading articles, listening to podcasts, and signing up for masterclasses to learn as much as you can but feel overwhelmed with all of the conflicting information out there and now you are feeling frozen in overwhelm. 
  • Lonely Lucy: You are very interested in all things gut health, nutrition, and natural medicines, but your partner, extended family, and/or social circles are not on the same page and can make you feel like you are ruining your children’s childhood by being health conscious.
  • Perfectionist Piper: You are obsessed with health and nutrition. You are a fastidious label reader and everything you buy is free of additives, lox tox, and organic. But the downside is you are too busy making everything from scratch to relax and have fun with your kids.
  • Natural Super Mama: You are taking responsibility for the health and nutrition of your family and taking action one step at a time. A balanced approach is important to you and you understand that you don’t have to be perfect to make a change. 

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