In this episode, we discuss histamine intolerance, which occurs when our body has difficulty managing and metabolising histamine due to insufficient levels of diamine oxidase (DAO) enzyme which helps the body break down histamine. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What you need to know about histamine intolerance;
  • The symptoms of histamine intolerance including hayfever symptoms, rashes, headaches, digestive symptoms, and fatigue;
  • We talk about the similarities and differences between hayfever and histamine intolerance;
  • Foods that are high in histamine including aged meats and cheeses, fermented foods, berries, citrus fruits, eggs, and spices;
  • The causes of histamine intolerance including gut inflammation, gut dysbiosis, inflammation stress, and certain medications; 
  • Our NSK approach to treating histamine intolerance which includes:
  1. Removing histamine foods from the diet, which should provide quick, symptomatic relief; 
  2. Addressing the cause of the histamine intolerance;
  3. Restoring the body’s natural ability to break down histamine by restoring gut health;
  4. Reintroduction phase.

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