We are thrilled to have Eleanor from The Reconnected back on the podcast, joined by Emma from The Reconnected to talk to us today about authentic parenting. If you missed our previous episode with Eleanor about parenting strong-willed children – you can listen here.

In this conversation, we talk to Eleanor and Emma about the concept of authentic over calm when it comes to parenting, and how this will completely change the way you look at calm parenting techniques you may have come across and tried to implement in the past. 

This conversation is going to be really helpful for parents of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers.  We discuss the challenging years of parenting and the triggers our kids set off in us, which can lead to a deeper exploration within ourselves as parents, and humans. 

We also delve into:

  • Emotional regulation for both children and parents;
  • The myths and facts about emotional regulation;
  • Specific ways adults and children can regulate in an authentic way;
  • Why play is so important for kids when it comes to emotional regulation;
  • How you can utilise play even if this doesn’t come naturally to you as a parent;

Eleanor & Emma have just released their new workshop; a FREE 3-Day Nervous System Reset For Kids: An Online Retreat for Parents.

In this workshop, you will learn how to help your kids regulate, have tools to handle the things that happen in life, and think about themselves and their world in a positive way

The three-day workshop starts Friday 16th September – Sunday 18th of September 2022, at 8 am AEST daily via their private Instagram group. Instant replays are available.

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