Following on from our series on infant health, this episode will focus on reflux in babies. Reflux, sometimes referred to as GORD – Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease is a common concern for new parents.

For some babies, reflux doesn’t bother them at all. But for others, it can be uncomfortable or even painful. The good news is that there are natural approaches that can help to relieve the symptoms of reflux.

In this podcast episode we will be discussing:

  • What is reflux;
  • Why reflux is more common in babies than adults & children;
  • The most common symptoms of reflux in babies – including obvious symptoms, and symptoms of ‘silent reflux;
  • Medications to treat reflux, and why you want to rethink jumping straight to medication due to its impact on gut health and immunity. 
  • Why feed thickeners are often recommended for babies who are failing to thrive, and why I would avoid them if possible. 
  • I chat about a piece of advice that drives me crazy;
  • The natural solutions for treating your baby’s reflux including:
    • Addressing feeding issues including tongue and lip tie;
    • The link between reflux and allergies and intolerances;
    • Why it’s important for breastfeeding mothers to look into their diet & what we recommend removing. 
  • How bodywork options such as chiropractor/osteopath can be beneficial;
  • Other natural remedies such as herbs can be useful, but why it’s important to work 1:1 for individualised care. 

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