We understand how confusing and somewhat daunting starting solids can be for families. When do you start? What foods do you begin with? Is your baby getting all their required nutrients for growth & development? 

That’s why this week I sat down with our infant nutritionist Mel to discuss introducing solids. 
In this podcast episode, Mel and I discuss:

  • How do parents know when their baby is ready to start solids including how to look for the signs of readiness;
  • The difference between spoon vs baby led weaning;
  • We delve into the top 9 allergenic foods, and when and how to introduce them to your baby;
  • Plus the essential nutrients you need to consider when starting solids;
  • What foods we suggest you begin with (and guess what? It’s not rice cereal!).

If you are wanting a little more guidance when it comes to starting solids, Mel has Starting Solids consultations available which include a 1:1 consultation plus a bonus reference eBook. Click here to book an initial consultation.