This week I’m joined by our Natural Super Kids Clinical Nutritionist Mel to chat all things infantile colic. Colic is a common condition we see in clinic that affects 1 in 5 babies. It is still quite poorly understood and occurs irrespective of breastfeeding or formula feeding in infants up to 5 months of age. 

In this episode Mel shares with us:

  • How to know if you have a baby with colic including the most common symptoms;
  • Causes of colic including maternal diet, breastfeeding red flags, and imbalances of gut bacteria;
  • Why it’s important to seek medical advice for colic, and to rule out other gastrointestinal conditions;
  • How to treat colic in infants through maternal dietary or formula changes;
  • The specific supplements you want to ensure your baby is having;
  • The benefits of probiotics including two specific strains that have shown to decrease crying time by 50%, and improve sleep patterns;
  • Plus the importance of supporting the caregivers during this period, and tips on how to support your mental health if you have a colicky baby. 

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