If we could pick one mineral that is important when it comes to children’s health, it would have to be zinc. It is one of my most prescribed nutrients for kids because it has so many benefits and is particularly important when it comes to immunity, gut health, mood, and behaviour. 

Kids also have a higher demand for zinc compared to adults. They churn through a lot of zinc, particularly during periods of growth (toddler stage & puberty).

In this podcast episode, I discuss:

  • The signs & symptoms of zinc deficiency, including:
    • Low growth rate;
    • Susceptibility to infections & impaired wound healing;
    • Learning and cognitive issues;
    • Eating preferences and fussy eating;
  • The benefits of zinc for kids;
  • The importance of zinc for the skin including wound healing, eczema & acne;
  • The role zinc plays in gut health, including treatment of upper digestive issues such as reflux, healing the lining of the gut and the composition of the microbiome;
  • The benefits zinc has on neurological health and its influence on brain chemicals which play a role in managing mood and behaviour;
  • Why zinc is important through periods of growth and development including puberty. Plus how it can benefit those with acne, mood and hormonal shifts during puberty;
  • How to test zinc levels;
  • Dietary sources of zinc;
  • Plus, our top tips when it comes to supplementing zinc.

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