Many parents are aware that children need to eat a balanced diet with plenty of nutrients to support their growth and development. But one of the most essential nutrients for general wellbeing is something you can’t get through the diet, and that’s Vitamin D.

The main way that our bodies access Vitamin D is the sun – the skin synthesises Vitamin D when exposed to UVB rays. Unfortunately, low Vitamin D levels are increasingly common, even in sunny countries like Australia. In this episode, I will be discussing the benefits Vitamin D has on the immune system, allergies, and brain health.

I will be going over:

  • The importance of Vitamin D for our children’s health;
  • The two main reasons  Vitamin D deficiency is a common issue in children;
  • The 4 main factors that affect our Vitamin D levels, including:
    • Skin pigmentation, weight, the season & your location;
  • How Vitamin D supports the many roles of the immune system; 
  • The amazing effects Vitamin D has on the gut microbiome;
  • The interesting research associated with Vitamin D and allergies and atopic conditions such as asthma and eczema; 
  • How supplementing with Vitamin D can reduce the rate of asthma attacks in children;
  • The benefits for children who have eczema that worsens in winter;
  • Vitamin D and the growing brain;
  • The importance of Vitamin D for mental health & brain health;
  • The importance of Vitamin D levels for children with ADHD and ASD;
  • The link between Vitamin D supplementation in pregnancy, and autism. 
  • How to test Vitamin D levels;
  • How to boost your children’s Vitamin D levels through:
    • Food and nutrition;
    • Sun exposure, including the best time of day.
    • Supplements.

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