Winter sickness – we see it a lot. But did you know it’s the kids with allergies and atopic conditions who struggle with persistent or regular infections the most?

Kids with allergies are more prone to picking up infections, and it can take them longer to recover from a nasty bug. But there are steps we can take to give their immune system a little extra TLC and keep them healthier over the winter months.

In this episode, I am chatting about asthma, allergies, and other atopic issues such as eczema, hayfever, food, or environmental allergies. I will be discussing:

  • Why kid’s with asthma, allergies, and atopic conditions commonly pick up more of these conditions than other kids;
  • My top three ways to support your kids with asthma and atopic conditions in the winter, including:
  • Microbiome Health:
    • Encouraging a healthy diverse gut and why it’s important to expose our kids to everyday microbes and my #1 way to do that;
    • Why it’s not ideal to keep your home sanitised and sparkling clean when it comes to our kid’s healthy immune development;
    • How to replenish our kid’s microbiome with good bacteria to support microbiome diversity including:
      • A specific strain of probiotics;
      • A variety of different fermented foods we can try;
      • How we can feed the good bacteria so it thrives within our kid’s digestive system.
  • Vitamin D Levels:
    • Ensuring our kids have optimal Vitamin D levels – which is really important for asthma, allergies, and other atopic conditions;
    • The positive side effects Vitamin D has on gut diversity;
    • Testing Vitamin D levels to ensure kids are getting enough;
  • My fav immune support nutrient:
    • Plus an extra immune support nutrient that is anti-viral and anti-microbial, which dampens eczema, allergies, and atopic conditions.

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