There seems to be a lot of sickness around at the moment from colds to influenza, to a respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and we can’t forget COVID. I want to give families, kids the tools to combat these winter illnesses and I hope this podcast episode gives you the tools to get through the winter season. 

In this podcast episode I chat about:

  • The reason it feels like there are more illnesses going around this year; 
    • Including isolation, increased hygiene, and less exposure to infections.
    • The fact that our immune systems haven’t had to work as hard these last couple of years;
  • I discuss why kids get sick more often than adults by discussing the adaptive and innate immune systems;
  • I share some feedback from our Natural Super Kids Klub members who have been able to strengthen their kids’ immune systems using the 4 pillars I discuss in this episode, so their kids get sick less often and bounce back faster;
  • The 4 pillars are that are helping our Klub members include:
    • Diet & Nutrition: Nutrients power our immune system, plus the ingredients in the standard western diet that are impacting our kids’ immune systems;
    • Toxins and Chemicals: How certain toxins have a direct negative impact on our immune system including hand sanitisers and antibacterials;
    • Healthy Lifestyle: The importance of sleep, being outdoors, and managing stress levels;
    • Natural Medicine: utilising naturopathy, nutritional medicine, and homeopathy to support our kids’ immune systems so they are stronger, but also so we have tools in our toolbelt for when our kids get sick.

Episode links:
Listen to podcast Episode 21  – Understanding & Supporting Your Childs Immune System

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