Kids get sick, and they run fevers. But as parents, we can be prone to a bit of fever phobia. Many parents believe that if a fever is not treated with medications, there are high risks of serious side effects. This simply is not true! 

Treating fever in children doesn’t have to involve Panadol or Nurofen. In fact, there are a number of natural remedies that are far more gentle and supportive.

In this podcast episode I chat about:

  • Health recommendations for managing fevers in different age groups, including:
    • 0 – 3 months of age;
    • 3 – 12 months of age;
    • 12+ months of age;
    • The warning signs to keep an eye on in the 12+-month-old age group to determine if you can monitor the fever at home. 
  • The three reasons a fever is beneficial to our kids when they’re sick;
  • Why we shouldn’t jump straight to the paracetamol & ibuprofen;
  • The risk of febrile convulsions & why the number on the thermometer is not the best indicator if your child’s fever is becoming dangerous;
  • What to look out for instead when it comes to febrile convulsions;
  • The child-led approach when it comes to fever;
  • Potential risks and side effects of using paracetamol and ibuprofen;
    • In which I discuss that they are safe to use, but have downsides when it comes to gut issues, skin reactions, additives, and more. 
  •  Natural solutions for reducing fever in children which include herbal teas and nutrients are beneficial, plus the benefits of rest.

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