Another common skin complaint in kids is warts. Much like molluscum, these skin growths are not harmful but spread like wildfire if given the opportunity. 

Because warts aren’t harmful, they can just be left alone if you prefer. In fact, 65% of warts resolve within 2 years with no treatment. But if you do want to treat or prevent warts naturally, there are several options to consider.

In this podcast episode I discuss:

  • What are warts, and what causes them;
  • The different types of warts & how they all have the same effective treatment;
  • Common parts of the body where warts are found;
  • How warts are spread;
  • Why warts are more common in kids than in adults;
  • The medical approach to treating warts;
  • Topical treatment for warts including an effective essential oil that I’ve had personal success with;
  • Internal treatments for warts that provide extra support for the immune system, including particular nutrients and herbal remedies. 

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