One of the joys of parenting is dealing with worms. Most kids will pick up worms from daycare or school at some point, which can often lead to infection of the whole family.

Worms are often fairly harmless for most people, other than causing some unpleasant symptoms. But others can experience chronic infections if they are vulnerable to worms.

In this episode of the podcast I will be discussing:

  • The most common signs and symptoms of a worm infection, including:
    • An itchy bottom
    • Common signs of worms for females;
    • Changes to mood, behaviour and sleep;
    • Plus more.
  • How worm infections are spread;
  • How to treat a worm infection with:
    • Standard pharmaceutical medication;
    • Anti-parasitic herbs, and which herbs I like to use;
    • A novel approach to treating a chronic worm infection;
    • The role the gut bacteria plays in preventing worms.
  • How to prevent recurrent infections;
  • The benefits of having worms (which is barely spoken about)

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