In this episode, I sit down and chat with Ashleigh Warner from Raising Humans Kind & Holistic Family Psychologist. Ashleigh is a mum, a gentle parenting advocate, and a passionate holistic family psychologist. Ashleigh’s work is about helping parents get to a place where parenting feels less stressful, and where the relationships in the family can be enjoyed and nourished. 

In this episode Ashleigh shares with us:

  • A little bit about her background and how she came to be doing what she is doing today;
  • The #1 thing we need to understand about our kid’s behaviour;
  • Her approach to discipline that doesn’t damage our attachment, and why this is important;
  • She talks us through her 3 steps to managing tricky behaviour in kids which include:
    • Holding the boundary in the here and now;
    • Dealing with what is underneath the behaviour; 
    • Deciding whether there needs to be a lesson for you or your child from this behaviour.

You can find more information on Ashleigh through her website, socials & podcast. Ashleigh also offers workshops, consultations and a membership program if you would like to learn more from her teachings.

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