This week on the podcast I am chatting to Laini Oldfield from The Wholefood Collective. Today we are speaking about a topic I know will be popular – how to get your kids eating better (without them even knowing). Laini has such a great approach to this topic, gives so many great examples, and takes the parental pressure off when it comes to healthy eating and kids. 

In this podcast episode Laini and I discuss:

  • Laini’s humble beginnings of starting a local co-op in her garage as a Mum of 5; 
  • Her radically different approach to changing family nutrition through whole-foods; 
  • Laini’s approach to adding more nutrition to our kids’ diets ‘on the sly’ so that they won’t even notice the changes;
  • Why this approach is an easy first step for parents;
  • How to start making some momentum  with diet changes, and using that momentum to keep you motivated;
  • Laini’s 4-step approach to introducing healthy foods to kids;
  •  Practical ways to start changing our diets with easy swap-outs, and easy add-ins to increase your children’s nutritional intake;
  • Laini shares a personal story about how she got her daughter to finally enjoy cauliflower;
  • Plus examples of how to replace favourite foods such as vegemite, and how to increase nutritional intake through a mineral-rich sprinkle that you can add to your family meals.
  • How to build a diverse gut microbiome;
  • And, lastly, the benefits of taking a light-hearted approach to making dietary changes. 

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