This week I am thrilled to chat all things stuttering with Lauren Brown from Stutter Free Kids. Lauren is a paediatric speech pathologist, childhood stuttering specialist, and the owner of Stutter Free Kids.

For over 12 years Lauren has supported families to help their children speak stutter-free using the highly effective Australian stuttering treatment, The Lidcombe Program. Throughout Lauren’s years in practice, she started to notice that the vast majority of children she saw for stuttering, were consistently impacted by their internal and external environment and it was negatively impacting the success of treatment.

In this episode, Lauren and I chat about:

  • The key things parents need to know about stuttering include the sudden onset of stuttering in the preschool years;
  • Lauren’s unique approach to helping children to speak stutter-free;
  • The interesting research on the link between highly sensitive children and stuttering;
  • The importance of looking at stuttering from a holistic perspective and addressing the child’s environment and sensory input
  • How the overwhelm from environmental and sensory input can lead to increased stuttering;
  • Lauren shares a helpful acronym to determine whether your child is highly sensitive;
  • Some of the reasons parents want to reach out for support for stuttering including a family history of stuttering, and if stuttering has existed for over 6 months, plus more.

Find out more about Lauren’s services here