I am thrilled to be chatting with Dr. Hilary-Claire Rowsell again on the podcast this week. Hilary-Claire and I spoke in Episode 50 of the Natural Super Kids podcast in which we discussed holistic brain health, and I enjoyed her approach so much that I was keen to have her back on the podcast. In this episode we are chatting about the launch of her new book The Motherhood Reset – A Clinical Psychologists Guide to Finding Calm, Confidence and Contentment in Motherhood.

Using her own lived experience as a mother, the latest research, and her training as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Hilary Claire built a sustainable framework to support other Mums in moving out of the exhaustion and overwhelm that has been deemed ‘normal’ by modern-day society.

In this podcast episode Dr. Hilary-Claire explains the 3 main areas that make motherhood so challenging today:

  • Physical & nutritional challenges;
  • Practical challenges and lack of support;
  • Societal expectations, as well as the expectations we place on ourselves as mothers. 

We also discuss the #1 thing you need to let go of as mothers, and Dr. Hilary-Claire shares her 5-step approach to finding calm, confidence, and contentment in Motherhood.

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