Diversity is key when it comes to maintaining a healthy microbiome and good gut health in our kids. Unfortunately, our modern diets provide our children with a lack of diversity within the microbiome which results in poor gut health.

In this episode, I discuss the four things in your child’s diet that are depleting their microbiome and gut health. The reason I want to cover these factors in our kid’s diet and lifestyle is that it’s really important to reduce our kid’s exposure to these factors before we start building up their gut health. Otherwise, it’s like we are filling up from a leaking bucket.

The four things are:

  1. Processed foods: our modern diet consists of way too many processed foods which lack adequate fibre. When processed foods are eaten in excess this leads to a reduced intake of recommended fibre intake which has a negative effect on gut health. 

  2. Sugar: affects the microbiome which disrupts and reduces beneficial bacteria. Sugar can also lead to an overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria and leads to inflammation in the gut. In this episode, I share two practical ways that you can easily reduce sugar in your kid’s diet.

  3.  Preservatives and additives: are added to food to prolong shelf life and inhibit the growth of bacteria. This plays a detrimental effect on beneficial bacteria in the gut when consumed in excess. I discuss the specific preservatives  & additives that you want to focus on reducing to make it easy for you. 

  4. Pesticides:  Pesticides are designed to kill living organisms and when we consume food that has been sprayed this can damage the living organisms in our kid’s gut.  It is tricky to reduce or eliminate from your kid’s diet completely but in this episode, I share some practical ways you can reduce your kid’s pesticide exposure 

Gut health is the foundation of our kid’s wellbeing and if we focus on gut health we can see improvements in our kid’s immunity, allergies, eczema, asthma, mood and behaviour, tummy troubles and fussy eating and so much more.

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