In this week’s episode, we are continuing the conversation about the things you need to consider if your child is on a vegetarian diet or considering a vegetarian diet. 

Last week in Episode 58 – Vegetarian Diets for Kids, I discussed the pros & cons of a vegetarian diet, and went over the important nutrients; Protein, Iron & Vitamin B12. If you haven’t listened to Episode 58 – Part 1 of this vegetarian diet for kids series, you can listen here. 

In this episode, we will be looking at some of the lesser-known minerals and nutrients that you need to consider on a vegetarian diet. Particularly for children who have an increased need for higher concentrations due to rapid growth and development. 

These minerals and nutrients include:


  • The role zinc plays;
  • Why zinc is my favourite nutrient for kids as a naturopath;
  • Some of the vegetarian sources of zinc;
  • What to look for in a supplement.

Omega 3:

  • The role Omega 3 plays;
  • Its important role for the brain and nervous system;
  • Why it’s important to be conscious of omega 3 when eating a plant-based diet;
  • Plant sources of omega 3;
  • The 3 sources of omega 3 – EPA, DHA, ALA.


  • Importance for brain and cognitive function;
  • Vegetarian sources of iodine;
  • Practical ways to include more sea vegetables and seaweed in the diet.


  • Why it’s important for those on a vegan diet, or those who are vegetarian and dairy-free (due to allergies and sensitivities);
  • Importance of calcium not just for bone health – but for muscle health and nerve function;
  • Best plant-based sources of calcium.

We hope you have found this podcast series on vegetarian diets for kids valuable. As always, we value your feedback and would love to know your key takeaways from the podcast. Head over to our Instagram page or send me an email and let me know your thoughts.

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If your family is consuming a vegetarian diet and you suspect your child may be lacking the above nutrients, you may be interested in supplementing with nutrients. Our online practitioners can assist with organising blood work pathology and prescribing the correct nutrients for your child’s needs.

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