The transition back to school is often a difficult one for kids who are hyperactive. Hyperactivity is often recognised when a child transitions into school because they are required to sit still, listen & concentrate.

In this episode, I discuss the  common triggers for a hyperactive child, including:

  • Dietary triggers, including food additives, food intolerances,  food chemical sensitivities, and sugar intake;
  • Lifestyle triggers that include inactivity in children and excess screen time;
  • Mood disorders and how sensory processing disorder, especially sensory seeking children can exhibit hyperactive behaviours;
  • Neuro-developmental conditions such as ADHD and ASD and the links to hyperactivity.

I also discuss how to manage hyperactivity naturally in children through:

  • Dietary changes, and the specific food additives to reduce;
  • Focusing on whole foods & reducing packaged foods;
  • The impact the gut can have on kids mood and behaviour;
  • The importance of sleep, plus my #1 tip when it comes to improving your child’s sleep;
  • The importance of balancing screen time and green time.

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