Packing a healthy lunchbox is important because it is a significant percentage of the food our kids eat overall.  If they are missing out on wholesome, nutrient-rich food in their lunch box, their overall nutrition will be suffering – both their macronutrient balance and their micronutrients  (the vitamins and minerals).

So it is really important that we make an effort to make sure that our kids’ lunchboxes contain nutrient-rich foods to:

  • Support sustained energy;
  • Support their mood and behaviour; 
  • Support their learning and concentration;
  • Support their immunity and gut health and;
  • Their overall growth and development

In this episode, I talk about:

  • What is typical in a standard Australian lunchbox (and we give examples), including things like:
    • White bread sandwiches;
    • Packaged food;
    • And, only a little bit of fruit and veggies.
  • The biggest mistake that I see parents make in terms of the food in they are putting in lunchboxes 
  • Plus, the first tweak you should think about that will improve the overall nutrition in a lunchbox.

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