I am so thrilled to be chatting to Eleanor Mann from The Reconnected on this week’s podcast. Eleanor is a registered counsellor and co-founder of Reconnected Parenting and brings to the program a decade of working with parents as a counsellor, breath worker, and play therapist.

During this episode, Eleanor and I chat about:

  • Eleanor’s personal story with her strong-willed child;
  • How to recognise if you have a strong-willed child; 
  • The fact that around 20% of children have a high need for autonomy and what this means for us as parents;
  • The importance of the “perspective shift” of a parent of a strong-willed child;
  • Practical tips on ways we can parent strong-willed children to meet their need for autonomy and independence;
  • Why it’s essential as a parent of a strong-willed child to be authentic and how this can help;
  • How to fill up our own cup when we have a strong-willed child; 
  • How parents can build up their energy and patience to respond and be with their strong-willed children.

The Reconnected is a combination of a movement built around the Reconnected Parenting Program which focuses on play therapy, breathwork, and conscious parenting.

Eleanor from The Reconnected has a wonderful offering for listeners, the Reconnected Parenting Program. You can read more about this course through the link below.

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