I am so thrilled to be chatting to Eleanor Mann from The Reconnected on this week’s podcast. Eleanor is a registered counsellor and co-founder of Reconnected Parenting and brings to the program a decade of working with parents as a counsellor, breath worker, and play therapist.

During this episode, Eleanor and I chat about:

  • Eleanor’s personal story with her strong-willed child;
  • How to recognise if you have a strong-willed child; 
  • The fact that around 20% of children have a high need for autonomy and what this means for us as parents;
  • The importance of the “perspective shift” of a parent of a strong-willed child;
  • Practical tips on ways we can parent strong-willed children to meet their need for autonomy and independence;
  • Why it’s essential as a parent of a strong-willed child to be authentic and how this can help;
  • How to fill up our own cup when we have a strong-willed child; 
  • How parents can build up their energy and patience to respond and be with their strong-willed children.

The Reconnected is a combination of a movement built around the Reconnected Parenting Program which focuses on play therapy, breathwork, and conscious parenting.

Eleanor from The Reconnected has two amazing offerings for listeners, the Reconnected Parenting Program, as well as the Strong-Willed Kids course. You can read more about these courses using the links below (as well as a lovely discount code for listeners)

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