Holistic ways to support our kid’s brain to have better attention, behaviour, mood, and set them up for better mental health.

We’re excited to bring you this episode with Dr Hilary Claire Rowsell who is a clinical psychologist with a holistic approach. Hilary Claire blends nutrition and environmental medicine with mindfulness, psychology and low tox living strategies to improve little ones’ brain health and Mum’s mental well-being.

Hilary Claire’s work helps to reduce the likelihood of children developing issues such as inattention, anxiety, tantrums, sensory overload, aggression, hyperactivity, or problems socializing, learning and communicating. 

This conversation with Dr Hilary Claire covers:

  • Holistic ways to support our kid’s brain health;
  • What parents need to know about kids mental health;
  • How we can best support our kid’s mental health;
  • Why kids behaviour and learning challenges are on the rise;
  • How we can support our kid’s learning and behaviour as parents;
  • The importance of looking after our own mental wellbeing, as Mums. 

You can find out more about Dr Hilary Claire and her offerings on her website here. 

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