Is your teen struggling with acne? Acne can be a concern for many teenagers, impacting their self-esteem and moods.

Acne can be a big problem during puberty for both boys and girls. During puberty, there is an increase in androgens – the male sex hormones. Both boys and girls experience a surge of these hormones. This surge increases the amount of sebum produced on the skin. Until the hormone and sebum levels balance, it can lead to breakouts and acne.

In this podcast episode, I discuss:

  • My own personal story with acne, and how it lead me to my passion in food, nutrition, naturopathy, and gut health; 
  • Why teenagers develop acne;
  • How acne is a western problem and why teenagers in traditional populations don’t experience acne, and what this tells us;
  • The three most common medications prescribed to treat acne and why they offer a bandaid solution and do not address the root cause;

I also chat about how diet plays a huge role, including:

  • The two foods to avoid or reduce in teens who have acne issues;
  •  How you can go about reducing these foods;
  • The role gut health plays;
  • The most important nutrients for teenagers who have acne;
  • How these nutrients can support healthy hormone function, improve skin quality, reduce inflammation, and more.

If acne is a concern for your teen, why not book an Express Consultation with our Naturopath Sarah? Sarah can offer advice around nutrition, reducing inflammation, and personalised nutrients that your teen may need. You can book an express consultation here. 

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